Learning to Use PASSPort

Vendor Workshop Series

MOCS In Your Neighborhood

This monthly in-person workshop series is designed to help vendors and prospective vendors confidently navigate the path to contracting with the City of New York. Each month, MOCS staff will bring their expertise to a different location in the New York City Metropolitan Area. This is your chance to get hands-on training related to a fundamental process in PASSPort, the City’s digital procurement system.

To enroll in an in-person workshop and see upcoming topics and locations, please visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mocs-in-your-neighborhood-tickets-559735482897

PASSPort Vendor Webinar Series

Getting Started: Contracting with NYC

This monthly webinar series is designed to educate vendors and prospective vendors on doing business with the City of New York. Each month, we'll cover the basics on how to get set up in PASSPort, the City's digital procurement system, and other PASSPort topics.

To sign up for the webinar and see upcoming topics, please visit: bit.ly/GettingStartedPASSPort

All webinars are being recorded and added to our learning resources below.

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