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cover of the Q1 2021 Newsletter

ESCR Newsletter - First Half 2023 | Spanish | Chinese (Simplified)
The ESCR team hit a milestone in Project Area 2 construction with the opening of Stuyvesant Cove Park north of E. 20th Street before Memorial Day. To date, over 1,600 linear feet of floodwalls and six floodgates have been installed on the project! The ESCR Community Engagement team is working hard to connect with the ESCR community and is continuing outreach programming, including ESCR to YOUR School, ESCR Summer Tabling, and tenant meetings. Reach out to your CCL for more information on these events!

ESCR Newsletter – 4th Quarter 2022 | Spanish | Chinese (Simplified)
The end of 2022, marks the two-year anniversary for Project Area 2 (PA2) and one-year anniversary for Project Area 1 (PA1). The ESCR team would like to thank you for your understanding and patience as we continue to construct this important flood protection system. In this newsletter, we will summarize the ESCR construction activities and community events of 2022. We will also briefly introduce the next portion of the Lower Manhattan Coastal Resiliency (LMCR) flood protection system, the Brooklyn Bridge-Montgomery Street Coastal Resilience (BMCR) project.

ESCR Newsletter – 3rd Quarter 2022 | Spanish | Chinese (Simplified) (
The 2022 third quarter newsletter acknowledges the 10 year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy and highlights the start of construction at Murphy Brothers Playground, the re-opening of the Greenway in Project Area 2 north of E 20th Street and updated pedestrian detour, the ESCR Work With Us Quarterly Information in-person event on October 19, 2022, and introduces the Parallel Conveyance project.

ESCR Newsletter – 2nd Quarter 2022 | Spanish | Chinese (Simplified)
The second newsletter in 2022 highlights the re-opening of Asser Levy Playground and the installation of floodgate 18 in Project Area 2, as well as progress made in Project Area 1 with an overview of construction sequencing for East River Park. In this issue, we also highlight ESCR's Envision Gold award, the Community Call for Art program and the Spring Work with Us information session.

ESCR Newsletter – 1st Quarter 2022 | Spanish | Chinese (Simplified)
The first newsletter in 2022 highlights the progress made in Project Area 2, north of E14th Street, including over 900 feet of installed floodwall and installation of the first floodgate of the project. Within Project Area 1, south of E 14th Street, see photos of the Delancey Street Pedestrian Bridge removal as well as a list of current and upcoming work activities. Several community resources have also been provided including Work With Us, Emergency Preparedness, and Interim Recreation.

ESCR Newsletter – 2nd Quarter 2021 | Spanish | Chinese (Simplified)
The second newsletter in 2021 explores the different types of piles within the flood protection system and includes a photo of the first constructed section of the floodwall in Project Area 2! Also in this quarter, Notice to Proceed was issued to the Project Area 1 contractor, and the Community Engagement Team officially launched the ESCR Call for Art.

ESCR Newsletter – 1st Quarter 2021 | Spanish | Chinese (Simplified)
Welcome to the first East Side Coastal Resiliency Newsletter! We're excited to share construction progress and photos with you, including the start of pile installation and the new decorative construction fencing panels that are up around Asser Levy Playground and the north end of Stuyvesant Cove Park.