Project Updates

Project Updates

Construction Project Areas for East Side Coastal Resiliency

Map of three main Project Areas for ESCR construction

Project Area 1

The contract for PA1 (SANDRESM1), was awarded to IPC Resiliency Partners, the low bidder in a competitive bidding process. IPC received Notice to Proceed (NTP) on August 16, 2021. In October of 2021, the City presented the PA1 Preliminary Construction Approach to the community and an updated PA1 Construction Approach was presented at the May 25, 2023, Community Advisory Group Meeting.

In July of 2022, a more detailed PA1 Construction Timeline was presented at the July 2022, Community Board 3 Parks Committee Meeting. This was then updated at the October 2023, Community Advisory Group. It was updated again at the January 2024 Community Advisory Group meeting. The image below reflects the updates presented at that meeting. Construction of East River Park will continue to be phased so that a minimum of 42% of open space will be available to the community throughout construction to minimize the loss of park space.

PA1 project timeline
PA1 closure map

The first phase of construction closures which included East River Park from Stanton Street south to Montgomery Street, began on December 6, 2021. On December 18, 2023, the transition into phase two began with the closure of three additional ballfields to East Houston Street. The team is maintaining the 42% open space and will begin to reopen phase one amenities later in 2024. See the map above for current closures and view a more detailed PA1 Access Plan for more on pedestrian circulation and amenities. See Advisories and Bulletins for current construction activities.

Project Area 1 | East River Park Pedestrian Access Plan Map

Project Area 2

The contract for PA2 (SANDRESM2), was awarded to Perfetto Contracting Corporation, the low bidder in a competitive bidding process. PCC received Notice to Proceed (NTP) in November 2020. In August 2022, the City released an updated construction timeline, below. The construction for Project Area 2 will be phased so that a minimum of 1.5 park areas are opened to the community throughout construction to minimize the loss of park space.

Construction timeline chart

See the map below for current closures. See Advisories and Bulletins for current construction activities and detours.

PA2 Closure map

The construction in PA2 will occur in three main phases from north to south and will be staggered to minimize open space impacts. The construction timeline, as shown above, will be broken down as follows by area:

  • Phase I: Asser Levy Playground Flood Wall/Gates | Opened May 2022
  • Phase I: Stuyvesant Cove Park: Solar One Flood Wall and Gate | Completed
  • Phase II: Stuyvesant Cove Park Flood Wall and Restoration north of E 20th St | Opened May 2023
  • Phase III: Stuyvesant Cove Park Flood Wall and Restoration south of E 20th St | Opened December 2023
  • Phase IV: Murphy Brothers Playground Flood Wall and Restoration | late 2024

Parallel Conveyance

The contract for PC (SANDRESPC) was awarded to the joint venture of NYC Constructors and JPL Site Construction, the low bidders in a competitive bidding process. NYCC-JPL received Notice to Proceed (NTP) in September 2022. The PC contract includes various locations between Montgomery Street and East 25th Street. Since mobilizing, the contractor has begun work in the southern reaches of the project, primarily on Gouverneur Slip, Water Street, and Jackson Street, adjacent to Corlears Hook Park. As work progresses, the contractor will continue watermain and utility upgrades in all locations before doing deep sewer improvement work. The project is scheduled to complete by the end of 2026.

Parallel Conveyance Map

The construction timelines are subject to change during construction. Updates will be communicated through public meetings, Advisories and Construction Bulletins. Sign up for weekly project updates and community programming activities.

While flood protection construction is underway, visit Park's Neighborhood Recreational Resources Map to find new places to play and relax.

The East Side Coastal Resiliency project team is committed to keeping stakeholders and the local community up to date on construction activities, community impacts, and the progress of the project. Several resources for construction updates have been provided here for your convenience: