Motorists & Parking

Parking at a Meter

Throughout New York City, on-street meters and meters at municipal parking facilities dispense receipts that are either displayed on the dashboard of the parked car or kept by the driver. Meters accept coins (quarters, dollar coins) and NYC Parking Cards. Many accept credit cards. Find out more about parking rates and rules

Using a Meter

For Pay and Display meters, customers purchase time, take a receipt, and then display it on the cars dashboard.

For Pay and Retain (found mostly in off-street parking facilities) customers park in a metered space, enter their space number into the meter, purchase time, and keep the receipt. Always remember to check that the space number where you parked matches the number printed on your receipt.

Using Credit Cards

DOT accepts credit cards at many meters, including over 500 in the Theater District in Midtown Manhattan. Use Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover cards to pay for parking at these meters without an additional fee or minimum. Look for the credit card logo on the meters.

Malfunctioning Meters

To report a broken meter, visit 311 Online. If you are parked on a street with a broken meter, please use another meter to obtain your receipt.

How to use Pay and Display Meters

Download a printable version of these instructions.

1. Pay

Pay by Coins

icon of coins

Insert quarters or dollar coins to add time automatically

Pay by Cards

icon of credit card

Credit cards- Dip and remove

icon of parking card

NYC Parking Card- Insert and leave in

2. Add Time

icon of blue button

Press the blue button to add time.

icon of orange button

Or, press the orange button for maximum time.

3. Print Receipt

icon of green button

Press green button to print receipt.

4. Display Receipt

icon of car for Pay and Display

Place receipt on driver’s side dashboard with printed side facing up.

Instructions for using pay and retain meters.

image of payment instructions

Tips for Paying with Coins

Customers have approximately 40 seconds to deposit coins. If no coins are deposited within this time and the green button is not pushed, the transaction is cancelled and coins are returned.


motorcycle parking tag holder

Like other motorists, motorcyclists using Pay and Display Meters, must display their receipt on their vehicle. To prevent theft or damage to the receipt, DOT recommends using clear plastic holders attached to the motorcycle with a lock or other mechanism. Devices made especially for this purpose can be found in specialty stores.

Tips for Using a Parking Card at a Meter

  • If using a Pay and Retain meter, enter the space number first.
  • Insert the card partway, the machine will pull it in the rest of the way.
  • The display will show the balance on the card.
  • Press the blue button to buy time.
  • The display will show how much money is used, and the clock will display the expiration time.
  • Select the amount of time you need, and press the green button to make the purchase. Take the receipt.

Until you press the green button, the transaction can be cancelled at any time by turning the red knob.

Parking Card payments can be combined with coins. This is helpful if a parking card has a very low value remaining. Learn more about paying with both a Parking Card and coins