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Press Release #10-011

DOT Completes Reduced Alternate Side Parking Regulation Pilot Program In Bronx Community District 8 To Simplify Parking And Reduce Vehicle Trips

Pilot program reduced Alternate Side Parking Regulations from twice a week to once a week

New, reduced Alternate Side Parking Regulations will take effect in parts of Kingsbridge, Kingsbridge Heights and Van Cortlandt Village starting Monday, March 22

As part of the City's ongoing effort to simplify parking for residents and reduce vehicle trips in the city, the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) announced the completion of a pilot program to reduce Street Cleaning/Alternate Side Parking (ASP) Regulations in Bronx Community District 8. The pilot program reduces ASP Regulations from twice a week to once a week. The pilot began in 2008 in Brooklyn's Community District 6 and was later extended to Brooklyn's Community District 2. The program was expanded to include Bronx Community District 8, where it began on Oct. 28, 2009.

The second and final phase of the pilot program in Bronx Community District 8 is now complete, with new signs installed in parts of the Kingsbridge, Kingsbridge Heights and Van Cortlandt Village sections of Bronx Community District 8 displaying new, reduced regulations. Approximately 3,600 ASP signs were changed throughout the district during both phases of the pilot program, reducing residential street cleaning parking restrictions from twice a week to just once a week to ease parking for local residents. In other cases, only the time of day of the street-cleaning regulation was changed. The newly posted regulations were established by the Department of Sanitation at the request of Community Board 8 and will be enforceable starting on Monday, March 22, giving residents two weeks to adjust to the new rules.

Street Cleaning Regulations (all parking signs marked with a broom symbol) will be restored within the following borders starting on and including March 22:

North: Van Cortlandt Park South (included) from Broadway to Mosholu Parkway.

East: Mosholu Parkway (not included) from Van Cortlandt Park South to Sedgwick Avenue;
Sedgwick Avenue (not included) from Mosholu Parkway to Goulden Avenue;
The west side of Goulden Avenue (included) from Sedgwick Avenue to Bedford Park Boulevard;
Goulden Avenue (included) from Bedford Park Boulevard to West 197 Street;
The north side of West 197 Street from Goulden Avenue to Reservoir Avenue;
The west side of Reservoir Avenue (included) from West 197 Street to West Kingsbridge Road.

South: The north side of West Kingsbridge Road (included) from Reservoir Avenue to Major Deegan Expressway;
The north side of West 225 Street (included) from Major Deegan Expressway to Broadway.

West: Broadway (not included) from West 225 Street to Van Cortlandt Park South.

For more information, please contact 311 or visit the Department of Sanitation's Web site at, or the Community Board 8 Web site at