Current Bicycle Route Projects

Below is a list of projects that are being installed in the current calendar year. For details regarding the planning of future routes, including our Community Planning initiatives, please visit the general DOT projects page.

In addition to these projects, DOT is leading ongoing efforts to complete the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway and the Jamaica Bay Greenway.

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Find information on past bicycle route projects installed since 2006.

Projects in Development

Location Borough
Bronx CB 12 Neighborhood Bike Lanes & Connections to Shoelace Park Bronx
Castle Hill Avenue Corridor Safety Improvements Bronx
7th Avenue Shared Lanes and Bicycle Lanes Brooklyn
9th Street Comprehensive Street Redesign Brooklyn
91st St, 92nd St - Southern Brooklyn Bike Network Expansion Brooklyn
Amity St/Dean St Bicycle Lane and Shared Lane Brooklyn
Bond Street Bicycle Route Connection Brooklyn
Cypress Hills St Protected Bicycle Lanes Brooklyn
East New York Safety Improvements and Bicycle Network Brooklyn
Loring Ave Bike Lanes and Pedestrian Safety Improvements Brooklyn
St. Johns Place CB16 Corridor Safety Improvements Brooklyn
St. Johns Place/ Sterling Place CB8 Corridor Safety Improvements Brooklyn
Thomas Boyland Street – Bike Safety Improvements Brooklyn
Williamsburg Bike Network – Proposed New Connections Brooklyn
Williamsburg Bridge Access and Connections Brooklyn
1st Avenue Protected Bicycle Lane Manhattan
2nd Avenue Protected Bike Lane Update – Analysis of 2017 Project and Proposal for 68th St to 59th St Manhattan
3rd, 4th Street, 6th Avenue to Avenue D Traffic Calming with Bicycle Lanes Manhattan
5th Avenue Protected Bicycle Lane Manhattan
7th Avenue Protected Bicycle Lane and Safety Improvements Manhattan
8th Avenue and Columbus Circle Manhattan
10th Avenue / Amsterdam Avenue Manhattan
Cathedral Parkway Bike Lanes and Safety Improvements Manhattan
Catherine Street and Market Street Bike Network Manhattan
Delancy Street Protected Bike Lanes and Safety Improvements Manhattan
Dyckman Street Traffic Calming, Pedestrian Safety and Bike Network Improvements Manhattan
Harlem Bike Network Bike Lanes and Safety Improvements Manhattan
Lower Manhattan Bicycle Network Manhattan
Park Row Access – Bike and Pedestrian Connections Manhattan
Pitt Street Traffic Calming and Bike Route Connection Manhattan
43rd Ave and Skillman Ave Protected Bike Lanes Queens
108th St Bicycle Network Connection Queens
111 St Transportation Improvements Queens
Cross Bay Bridge Intersection Safety Improvements & Jamaica Bay Greenway Connections Queens
Flushing, Queens CB 7 Bike Network Queens
Glen Oaks Traffic Calming and Bicycle Lanes Queens
Grand Ave Traffic Calming Project Queens
Queens CB 8 Bike Network - Proposed Upgrades: 150th St, Parsons Blvd, and Connections Queens
Ridgewood Bicycle Network Updates Queens
South Beach Greenway Bicycle Connections Staten Island
Staten Island Ferry Terminal Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements Staten Island