Current Bicycle Route Projects

Below is a list of projects that are being installed in the current calendar year. For details regarding the planning of future routes, including our Community Planning initiatives, please visit the general DOT projects page.

In addition to these projects, DOT is leading ongoing efforts to complete the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway.

Find information on past bicycle route projects installed since 2006.

2015 Projects in Development

Location Borough Project Mileage
Queens Community Board 5 – Phase 2 Queens 12.6
Williamsburg Bridge Connections: South 5th Place and South 4th Street Brooklyn 0.1
Spring Street Bicycle Lane Manhattan 1.2
Willis Ave Bridge Connections - Bridge Path Markings, Signage, and Intersection Safety Manhattan 1.08
Franklin Avenue - Bicycle Lanes and Shared Lane Brooklyn 0.62
Washington Heights – Bicycle Lanes and Traffic Calming Manhattan 2.00
Greenpoint Ave Traffic Flow Improvements Brooklyn/Queens 0.96
Greenpoint Avenue Bridge – Bicycle Safety Enhancements Brooklyn/Queens 0.57
Long Island City – Bicycle Lanes and Shared Lanes Manhattan 5.9