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PASSPort now fully supports invoicing, eliminating the need for you to use multiple systems in your contracting journey for non-human services contracts. In the Fall, PASSPort Financials will be available for human services contracts as well.

Our top priority is to ensure our contracting partners have the tools and resources needed to successfully navigate PASSPort's new Financials functionalities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find commonly asked questions to help answer yours.

Is my contract being managed in PASSPort Financials?

Contact your Agency Contract Liaison to determine whether your contract is to be managed in PASSPort Financials. Note: PASSPort Financials is in the process of being adopted by most City Agencies but not all agencies and not all types of contracts leverage the PASSPort Financials functionality yet.

When can I start invoicing?

When the Purchase Order (PO) associated with your contract is in Active status, you may submit invoices on the invoiceable items for this contract. See Submit Invoices for step-by-step instructions.

Do I have to start submitting my invoices in PASSPort?

All non-Human services vendors with General Services contracts or Task Orders are expected to begin submitting invoices through PASSPort immediately. Health Human Services (HHS) providers will be required to invoice in PASSPort starting in the Spring of 2024. If you are an HHS provider and interested in using PASSPort to invoice before Spring 2024, please reach out to your contracting agency to request that your contract be made invoiceable in PASSPort.

My organization has been submitting invoices in HHS Accelerator but not PASSPort. Can I still submit an invoice in HHS Accelerator?

If you are unsure whether to submit an invoice in PASSPort or HHS Accelerator for a contract budget, we advise getting in touch with your contract manager at the relevant agency. They will be able to provide you precise instructions on how to proceed.

Who launches the Purchase Orders (POs)?

Your contracting agency is responsible for launching the Purchase Orders (POs).

How do I find my PO Number?

A PO Number is unique to each of your contract's fiscal year purchase orders (POs) and may be used to search for your POs in PASSPort's Financials module. You may find your PO Number in PASSPort by following these steps:

  1. Log in to PASSPort.
  2. From the top-level navigation menu, click Contracts.
  3. Click Manage my Contracts to view a list of your organization's contracts.
  4. Click the pencil icon to access the contract aligned with your PO.
  5. The contract's Header tab will display.
  6. In the Header tab, scroll down to view the Fiscal Year Budgets section at the bottom. This section contains a table with Purchase Orders for each Fiscal Year represented by a hyperlinked PO Number. PO Numbers appear in this format: POXXXXXX.
  7. Click the PO Number to view the Purchase Order.

A direct way to access your POs is through the Financials module's Browse Contract Budgets search. Enter the PO Number in the Keywords field, then click Search.

How can I cancel my POCR request in PASSPort?

To cancel a POCR Request, you will need to reach out to your contracting agency and state your request and reason. Once you have connected with them, they will be able to process your request.

Why would we have budget lines that are not marked as invoiceable?

Agencies may create a milestone budget where some budget lines are not invoiceable until certain milestones are reached.

Why do we have to void preexisting lines?

We void the registered line, because the total of all budget lines must be equal to the fiscal year amount. However, the existing line can also just be edited if the existing unit price was entered as $1.00.

Would the system allow you to void a line that has been invoiced against?

No. You can reduce the remaining amount on a used budget line, but not cannot void it if there are disbursed invoices against it.

If the item category is not in the drop down, can we add a new category?

No. if the item category is not in the list please select "Other". Keep in mind that for Human Client Service contracts, selecting the correct item category is crucial because the indirect rate calculation is driven by the information entered in the item category.

If the budget details are already in HHS, will it be moved to PASSPORT?

Budget lines in HHSA will be migrated, however the sub-level details for each budget line will not be migrated.

Do you have to modify the budget to create the initial budget or edit a preexisting one?

No, prior to an initial budget being created, the Purchase Order Budget tab will have no details budget.

Are we getting a new budget Excel template to match Passport as part of our budget submission.

PASSPort has an Excel budget template available from the Purchase Order (budget tab), that can be extracted to complete and upload budgets.

Are the new budget lines under OTPS going to match HHS Accelerator?

We have added new item categories in PASSPort to mirror budget lines item categories from HHSA.

Will it be up to the individual agencies what other documentation (Excel spreadsheets for budgeting and invoicing) we use? Or will PASSPort be the sole tool for reporting spending etc.?

PASSPort will be the only vehicle for invoicing for HHS contracts and source of truth for reporting. When invoices are submitted, providers must continue to provide all required back up documentations (stipulated in the contracts) as attachment to the invoice in PASSPort.

Will we be duplicating work and data entry for invoicing?

No. no need to attach hard copies of the invoice to the PASSPort invoice.

When creating the initial budget for the beginning of the fiscal year what documents are required to be uploaded?

In PASSPort no document is required to be uploaded when creating the budget. However, please check with your agency to see if they have a document requirement.

Is there a specific budget modification template to use throughout the fiscal year or do we download the budget template again?

When making budget modification you can edit the existing budget line directly in the budget tab in PASSPort or download, complete, upload the budget template with the modification. The budget template can be downloaded from the Budget tab.

What is the budget modification approval time frame?

Budget modifications can be approved as soon as submitted to the agency. The approval time frames vary by agencies – depending on the type of budget (lump sum, line item, or rate based).

Would pending actions such as pending invoices or payments prevent initiating of a budget change request?

Yes, changes cannot be made to the budget until pending invoices are either disbursed or cancelled.

Will it be an option to copy a budget from the previous year, or do we need to enter the budget manually?

Yes, that option already exists.

How are rate-based contracts treated? Will I enter only the units service and budget amount only?

For a rate-based budget, budget lines will be created based on the unit price.

Does the budget process have the capabilities of allowing agencies to move funds from one fiscal year to another?

Yes, the functionality to reallocate funds exist in PASSPort.

For contracts with multiple programs, in HHS we have multiple blue bars. How do we differentiate when submitting the budget in PASSPort?

In PASSPort the budget is created in the Purchase Order (PO), and for expense contracts each fiscal year has one Purchase Order. This is true regardless of the number of programs using the contract.

How do I know from which Fiscal Year Purchase Order (PO) to invoice?

You may invoice from the active Purchase Order (PO) associated with the Fiscal Year in which services were delivered. To confirm the PO Number for the correct Fiscal Year:

  1. Log in to PASSPort.
  2. From the top-level navigation menu, click Contracts.
  3. Click Manage my Contracts to view a list of your organization's contracts.
  4. Click the pencil icon to access the contract aligned with your PO.
  5. In the Header tab, scroll down to view the Fiscal Year Budgets section at the bottom.
  6. Each PO is represented by a hyperlinked PO Number in the Current Budget column with its Budget Fiscal Year located in the column to the left. Review all POs to determine from which Fiscal Year Purchase Order (PO) to invoice.

How do I know which line items are invoiceable?

Invoiceable Budget Line Items are marked with a check in the Invoiceable? column in the Purchase Order (PO) of your contract. To review invoiceable line items follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to PASSPort.
  2. Click Financials from the top navigation menu, then click Browse Contract Budgets.
  3. Click the pencil icon to the left of the desired PO access it. The PO Header tab displays with details regarding the contract budget.
  4. Click the Budget tab to review the Detailed FY Budgets for line items with a checkmark in the Invoiceable? column.

You will see the same list in a Draft invoice when you click Add an Item then click the Item Label ellipsis icon to display the Order Line Items pop-up window.

In the Purchase Order, some lines are marked invoiceable, and some lines that aren't invoiceable. Which lines should I select to create my invoice.

Invoices can only be created from an invoiceable budget line.

I am unable to create an invoice.

If you are unable to create an invoice, this could mean that you do not have the required user profile in PASSPort to be able to create an invoice. Only users with a Vendor Financials Level 2 or Vendor Admin user profile can create and submit invoices.

What user roles are required to submit an invoice?

Invoices can be submitted by vendor users assigned with either role: Vendor Financial L2 or Vendor Admin. See Submit Invoices for step-by-step instructions.

Where can I find an Agency contact to discuss my contract and financials tasks?

Each contract in PASSPort has a Setup Team tab with Agency Contact(s) listed in the Setup Team section. To view the Agency contact(s) in the Setup Team section, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to PASSPort.
  2. From the top-level navigation menu, click Contracts.
  3. Click Manage my Contracts to view a list of your organization's contracts.
  4. Click the pencil icon to the left of the contract for which you wish to find a contact.
  5. Click the Setup Team tab. The Setup Team table displays the agency contact(s).

I'm receiving a blocking alert when attempting to attach a file to my invoice. What can I do?

Be sure to select only upload files with acceptable file types. Acceptable file types (and their file extensions) are limited to:

  • PowerPoint (.ppt)
  • Excel (.xlx or .xlsx)
  • Word (.docx)
  • PDF (.pdf)

Note: Each file must be less than 300MB and video files are not supported.

What does this error mean: "Document cannot be converted to PDF, please upload in one of these formats..."

This is likely the result of trying to upload a video file as a backup documentation. Only PPT, Excel, Word, PDF or image files can be uploaded as backup documentation.

I've already submitted my invoice but now I realized I need to make a deduction, how do I do this?

Please use the deduction functionality in PASSPort. Click the blue Other Actions button and then select Create Invoice Deduction from the drop-down menu.

What do I enter in the "Invoice Value" field?

This field should be left blank. The invoice amount should only be entered in the Invoice Amount field.

I have a question regarding an invoiceable budget. Who should I contact?

Once your budget has been made invoiceable, please reach out to your contracting agency if you need assistance in submitting an invoice against the budget.

What does this blocking alert mean: "The selected PO Budget items is flagged as non-invoiceable"

The message indicates your contracting Agency has not marked the associated line items as invoiceable. Contact your contracting Agency to request making the lines invoiceable on your Purchase Order.

I just submitted an invoice, and the invoice status now reads "Approved". Why is that?

The "Approved" status is not a valid status for invoices. Please reach out to the MOCS Service Desk for assistance.

How do I submit an invoice that spans across two fiscal years?

If you are submitting an invoice that spans across two or more fiscal years, please submit separate invoices, each for the amounts to the corresponding to the Fiscal Year Purchase Orders (POs) in which the services were provided.

How do I upload a backup document?

You can attach or drag files in the "Vendor Document" section of the invoice.

How often should I submit an invoice?

Please refer to your agency in regards to your invoicing cadence.

How do I adjust the budget?

Please refer to budget training hosted for vendors.

If we're subcontracted through a third-party vendor on one of our grants, would this invoicing process still apply?

The subcontractor module is not yet available in PASSPort. Please refer to your agency for guidance.

If we only have one admin account as a vendor, under our management can we all use the same account, or would I need to create my own account?

Everyone should have their own account for security purposes.

When is invoice submission starting in PASSPORT?

Full-scale invoicing has been live in PASSPort since July 2023 for non-HHS agencies. For HHS agencies, migration will occur gradually in the winter and spring of 2024. Please confirm your invoicing arrangement with your contracting agency.

Can you elaborate more on the receipts upload?

Receipts are created and managed by the agency, not vendors.

Are the contract term dates the same for all agencies?

No. The FY for NY starts July 1st and ends June 30th. The contract term is found in the contract.

We are getting this error message "The total budgeted amount and/or item value does not equal the FY Budgeted Amount declared for this FY PO." Could you please let me know what may be causing this error?

A number of reasons:

  • No FY budget
  • Amendment on FMS-sourced contract but base contract doesn't have a budget set up
  • Entered an amount in item value
  • You're on the wrong PO

How does this work when reporting prevailing wage with invoices?

Right now, agencies require vendors to upload backup documentation that shows they pay workers the prevailing wage. It's always stipulated in contract what documents are required.

Does each invoice in PASSPort have to correspond to a single real-life invoice or receipt?

No. The invoice in PASSPort is the real-life invoice.

If I went to X different stores in a single day, do I have to submit X invoices in PassPort or can they be merged if they are coming out of the same budget line?

Ask your agency for more details, but generally speaking, nothing is preventing you from submitting multiple invoices from the same budget line.

Will we be required to enter Cost Allocation by cost centers?

Please work with your agency. Cost center allocations will continue to be submitted to your agency. The workaround in PASSPort is submitting backup documentation indicating the cost center.

Do we always submit under "create invoice" or under "create invoice deduction"?

Submit under "create invoice." "Create invoice deduction" is only for deductions.

Where should we report units of service?

This depends on how the agency set up the budget. If the agency set up the budget with the quantity field in terms of goods by the each, then you can enter the quantity of items via the invoice quantity and amount fields.

What is the change order tab used for? And who has access to it?

Vendors can access the "Create PO Change Request Button" if the agency has enabled vendor submitted budgets on the contract and you're provisioned as a vendor admin or vendor financials L2. The change log can be seen as a tab once changes have been made to record them.

If the EFT information was submitted on PIP when will that information generate to this site?

It takes about 11-13 days for FMS to reflect new EFT information after the vendor has uploaded it to PIP.

Where can I select EFT payment rather than check?

When the invoice is created, please select the payee address linked to your EFT account in PIP.

Can this be used to submit invoices relating to line cost reimbursement?

If the vendor is reimbursing the agency, then agencies can issue a deduction in PASSPort. Please refer to your agency for greater detail.

Can we submit more than one invoice for the same date range and PO to meet the size requirement?

There is a new size limit for backup documentation. Now files up to 300mb can be attached.

Would the system allow invoicing after a project's end date?


If you have a multitask project - are the client task #'s the PO #s?

No. The POs are expense or capital funded modules capable of receiving and storing invoices.

Does PASSPort have contracts that are currently in HHS Accelerator?

Yes. Please refer to your agency if you're unsure of where you should submit invoices.

How do we designate an individual in our organization as a vendor administrator?

Please refer to our guide on assigning roles in PASSPort.

Can we still send in paper invoices by mail?

Please confirm with your agency. But in PASSPort, all invoices are digital.

Is the invoice # the reference # PIP will refer to?

Yes. The combined invoice ID and invoice reference will appear in PIP.

Do all invoices for NYC PO need to be entered in PASSport going forward or is it only the PO's that are processed through PASSPort?

Contracts do not need to be sourced in PASSPort to be invoiced in the system, but the contract type and procurement method determine whether or not they are invoiceable in PASSPort.

Is there a standard for what is required in submitting a receipt/invoice from a third-party contractor?

Please ask your agency for guidance.

If we submit invoices monthly in HHS-Accelerator, should we continue to submit monthly in Passport?

Please ask your agency for guidance.

When should we use invoice deduction?

You should use it if the agency issues a reconciliation request for a deduction or if the invoice amount was incorrect. Best practice is to revise the invoice if the agency returns it to you.

Do we have to enter amounts separately for each expense category like in HHS-accelerator or am I just submitting one lump sum?

This depends on how the budget is configured. Please refer to your agency.

Are we going to enter the PS in the same manner as OTPS?

Please refer to your agency. However, we recommend that you enter the unit price as 1 and use the quantity field to reflect your budgeted amount for PS and OTPS.

Is it the agencies decision as to how much they want to use the Passport system or keep doing it the old way?

All agencies are required to migrate to PASSPort starting winter 2024, however some have already begun piloting contracts in PASSPort for invoicing. Therefore, please refer to your contracting agency to confirm your invoicing arrangement.

For every item added under Product and Services, do I need to include supporting docs for each item?

Please refer to your agency.

What kind of file types are allowed to be submitted as supporting docs?

Excel, Word, PDF, JPEG, etc. Videos are not accepted.

Is IDC Rate approval request done in Passport?


Does the vendor have to first be in PIP before invoicing can be done in Passport?

Yes. You should create a PIP account in order to receive electronic payment.

Are we only able to invoice for items we have purchase orders for?

Yes. You must have corresponding budget items within the PO in order to invoice against them.

Can I submit more than one invoice at a time?

The system allows you to submit multiple invoices. However, please confirm your invoicing cadence with your agency.

How do we submit the invoice without a PO?

We strongly recommend that you create your invoice against a PO. A PO is required for invoicing.

Our agency requires documentation attached with their invoice. This information contains PHI. Is this system PHI compliant?

PASSPort is not PHI compliant. If you have documents with PHI, then please work with your agency to securely share that information outside of the system. For example, some agencies use encrypted emails.