MOCS Moving Foward

The Mayor's Office of Contract Services (MOCS) is a New York City oversight and service agency that is dedicated to optimizing existing operations and transforming processes to make it easier to do business with the City. Please view A Path Forward, our procurement whitepaper.

Our Mission

Lead procurement transformation by leveraging expertise, innovation, and a results-oriented mindset.

Our Vision

Equitable procurement through transparency, accountability, and efficiency.

Our Values 

  • Accountability. Responsible use of
    tax-payer dollars and commitment to
    high quality service for all New Yorkers.

  • Get Results. Maximize strategic,
    efficient procurement to get stuff
    done for key city initiatives.

  • Innovation. Transform policies and
    practices to bring procurement into
    the modern digital era.

  • Leadership. Lead through excellence in
    policy, process, and technology to bring a
    strategic approach to NYC procurement.

  • Equity. NYC procurement must reflect
    the diverse City we live in, and the
    process should be simple and
    accessible for all.