Delivery Workers

Delivery Workers

NYC law regulates online third-party food delivery services and third-party courier services in NYC ("restaurant delivery apps" or “apps") and provides pay and workplace protections for delivery workers.

Minimum Pay 

Update: The Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP) is currently reviewing the substantial volume of thoughtful comments that it received about the proposed minimum pay rate for app-based restaurant delivery workers. Learn more about the new proposed minimum pay rate.

Your Rights:

If you work for a restaurant delivery app, you have rights!

  • Apps must pay you at least once a week. Apps cannot charge a fee to process your payment unless you are requesting an expedited payment.
  • Apps must tell you how much the customer tips for each delivery. Exceptions apply. Contact DCWP.
  • Apps must tell you your total pay and tips for the previous day. Exceptions apply. Contact DCWP.
  • You have more control over your delivery trip offers.
    • You can limit how far you will go from the restaurant to the customer. Apps must allow you to set your maximum trip distance as low as you would like.
    • You can select limits on which bridges or tunnels you will use.
    • Apps cannot offer you a trip that doesn’t comply with the limitations you set in the app.
  • Apps must tell you route details before you accept a delivery. Must include address for pickup, estimated time and distance for trip, tip if known, and pay.
  • You may have better access to restaurant bathrooms when you pick up orders. Exceptions apply. Contact DCWP.
  • Apps must give you a free insulated food delivery bag after 6 deliveries.

Notice of Workers' Rights (in PDF)

Download the NYC Food Delivery Workers’ Rights Notice in:
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Video: Your Rights Delivered

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