Worker Rights

The Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP)—formerly known as the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA)—Office of Labor Policy & Standards is NYC’s central resource for workers. We are a dedicated voice in City government for workers in NYC. We protect and promote labor standards and policies that create fair workplaces to ensure all workers can realize their rights, regardless of immigration status.

NYC Settles With L’Officiel USA

On July 12, 2023, NYC announced an agreement with L’Officiel USA, a media company, to resolve a 2021 lawsuit brought by the city over the company’s failure to pay freelancers on time, fully, or at all, in violation of NYC's Freelance Isn't Free Act. Learn more about the settlement, including eligibility for filing a claim.

Know Your Worker Rights

Get an overview of the worker protections available to you, including Paid Safe and Sick Leave.

Workplace Protections for Specific Workers

Learn about workplace protections for specific workers including:

Additional Workplace Laws

Learn about workplace laws designed to improve working conditions:

Workplace Complaints

DCWP enforces workplace laws and may initiate investigations against a business in response to worker complaints. File a workplace complaint if you believe a business is not in compliance with any of the workplace laws mentioned above.