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Press Release #14-082

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NYC DOT and Staten Island Officials Celebrate Second Round of Smart Lights Installation

DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg joined Borough President James Oddo, Council Minority Leader Vincent Ignizio, and Council Member Steven Matteo today in Staten Island to mark the second round of Smart Lights installation. Using an adaptive signal control system, Smart Lights can detect real time traffic conditions and request signal pattern changes from the DOT’s Traffic Management Center. The initial study by DOT shows that the lights have improved congestion in the six locations by rebalancing the number of cars lining up at the lights.

“The Smart Lights system improves traffic flow by monitoring traffic conditions in real time,” said DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg. “Thanks to the support of the Borough President’s office and the Staten Island Council delegation we are able to use this advanced technology to reduce congestion.”

“We have to maximize the productivity and efficiency of our existing infrastructure.  That means utilizing technology, like smart lights, at appropriate intersections,” said Staten Island Borough President Oddo. “Ultimately, we have to work together to ensure that smart light technology isn’t the exception to the rule, but is more widely available. We will work with DOT to identify additional appropriate corridors where the technology will help move traffic.”

“Staten Island is a borough that relies heavily on its roads, so we need effective, inexpensive solutions to traffic congestion that are easy to implement – and smart light technology checks all of those boxes,” said Council Minority Leader Vincent Ignizio. “I will continue to work with DOT and my colleagues to find additional intersections to utilize this technology and to pursue other innovative, cost-effective solutions to traffic congestion in our growing communities.”

“Roads on the North Shore are already congested, and this will only increase as new waterfront developments come online in the next few years,” said Council Member Debi Rose.  “Smart light technology has already been found to move traffic more efficiently and safely. I am confident that this new phase of smart lights will prove successful and that we will see it expanded across our island in the months and years ahead.”

“When I took office, I promised that I would take the fight for a better quality of life to each and every block and intersection,” said Council Member Steven Matteo. “Smart lights are an essential aspect of improving traffic flow on Staten Island, and these new locations are an excellent start to giving Island motorists a more efficient drive to their destinations. I promise to continue to work with my colleagues and DOT to find appropriate locations for additional smart lights.”

The first Smart Lights were installed at Victory Boulevard by the College of Staten Island back in 2009 as a pilot project. Following the success of this location, the DOT installed six more locations this year, with funding support from the Borough President’s office and Council Member Ignizio. There are now a total of 15 new Smart Lights signals on Staten at six locations:

  1. Victory Boulevard at the West Shore Expressway (2)
  2. South Avenue at the West Shore Expressway and Chelsea Road (2)
  3. South Avenue at the Staten Island Expressway (2)
  4. Boscombe Avenue by entrance of Korean War Veterans Parkway (2)
  5. Clove Road at the Staten Island Expressway (3)
  6. Richmond Road and Targee Street at Staten Island Expressway (4)

DOT will continue to monitor the Smart Lights system and adjust conditions as necessary. To learn more about DOT’s work, please visit