We're Walking Here

The majority of young New Yorkers walk to and from school, to transit, and around their city each and every day, for so many reasons. Every October—International Walk to School Month—DOT celebrates this achievement and creates incentives for students and their families to walk greater distances more often.

We’re Walking Here encourages students to think about what is vital about their walking experiences. It takes learning to the next level as students write, recite and perform their original public service announcement and educate the general public about the benefits of walking.

This year, over 200 New York City classes registered online for the We're Walking Here contest to win cash prizes, t-shirts, pedometers, sunglasses, and a chance to get their class's message heard citywide, and promoted in big way.

Curriculum and Activities

Curriculum, student hand-outs and promotional items were delievered to all registered educators. Teachers incorporated the Common-Core-aligned lessons into their science, language arts, math, health, and physical education fall semester teaching goals, which helped students brainstorm and conceive their PSAs. The demand for materials exceeded available supplies, but the results were clear – students have a great deal to say about walking and health, walking and safety, walking and the environment, and so much more.


Meet our student narrators, Jaden and Sabrina, two fifth grade students from the grand-prize winning school, PS 90 in Brooklyn. Join them now for a tour of all five 2013-14 We're Walking Here winning schools.

First Place

PS 90, Coney Island, Brooklyn

Second Place

PS 1, Tottenville, Staten Island

Third Place

PS 307/Pioneer Academy, Corona, Queens

Fourth Place

Little Red School House/LREI, Greenwich Village, Manhattan

Fifth Place

HS 721 OTC, Gravesend, Brooklyn

Pre-register for 2014-15 We're Walking Here

Please pre-register for next year’s contest below. In early summer DOT will make updated curriculum for both K-5 and 6-12 available, and deliver your We're Walking Here kit to each registered teacher’s school.

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