NYC Plaza Program Sites

In the NYC Plaza Program, DOT and its non-profit partners create public plazas that are active local destinations. With community input through public visioning workshops, DOT and its partners draft a vision for each plaza that complements the architecture, culture, and history of the surrounding neighborhood. As capital projects, DOT works with the Department of Design and Construction and professional design teams, including landscape architects and engineers, to synthesize the conceptual designs and community comments through a collaborative design process. Learn about how sites are selected Learn about public plaza projects that are underway

Round 5–2012

Putnam Triangle Plaza

Putnam Avenue between Grand Avenue and Fulton Street, Brooklyn Community Board 2
Fulton Area Business (FAB) Alliance
Along Fulton Street’s burgeoning retail corridor, Putnam Triangle Plaza supports the long standing community as well as the new business activity in this part of Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Installed in the fall of 2011 by making Putnam Avenue (Grand Ave/Fulton St) a pedestrian-only plaza with interim materials, the plaza turned 7,000 square feet of roadway space and 8,000 square feet of sidewalk into a plaza for locals and visitors to play chess, hear live music, watch movies and enjoy the public realm. This project will now begin a redesign process with additional community input that will fully reconstruct the area to increase safety, improve accessibility for seniors, and create a 15,000 square-foot permanent public neighborhood destination.

Bogardus Plaza

Hudson Street between Chambers Street and Reade Street, Manhattan Community Board 1
Friends of Bogardus Garden
Located in the heart of Tribeca, Bogardus Plaza has converted Hudson Street between Chambers Street and Reade Street into a pedestrian-only public space. Constructed with temporary materials in August 2010, the street will now begin a capital redesign process that will incorporate the green triangle to make a larger, cohesive public space that will be bounded by West Broadway, Chambers Street, Reade St, and Hudson Street. Well served by the 1, 2, and 3 subway trains at the Chambers St Station and M20/M22 buses, Bogardus Plaza is a transit hub as well as a neighborhood destination. Actively managed by the Friends of Bogardus Garden, the plaza holds occasional music, family, gardening, and other seasonal events.

George B. Post Plaza

South 6th Street between Broadway and Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn Community Board 1
Aesthetic Urban Works
Just south of the Williamsburg Bridge, George B. Post Plaza is repurposing approximately 5000 square feet of roadway into a pedestrian-only public plaza by moving South 6th Street vehicle traffic onto Broadway. This change creates safer crossings and more public space while maintaining current traffic operations. The plaza provides added open space to a neighborhood experiencing rapid changes that include many new residential apartments, restaurants and bars, as well as significant large-scale development projects such as the renovation of the Williamsburgh Saving Bank building and the nearby Domino Sugar Factory.

Diversity Plaza

37th Road bewteen 73rd and 74th Street, Queens Community Board 3
Social Uplift and Hope Initiatives (SUKHI)
At the Jackson Heights transit hub where the E, F, M, R, and 7 trains meet, 37th Road between 73rd Street and 74th Street was made into a pedestrian street. The changes helped to reduce traffic problems in Jackson Heights and gave the dense neighborhood additional open space. Well known for its cultural and trade diversity in various goods such as imported, 24-karat gold jewelry and garments to ethnic foods, the plaza is becoming a centerpiece to this international community. The project will redesign and rebuild the street to bring pedestrian-scale lighting, new surfaces, and amenities to support the plazas daily activities and cultural and seasonal events.

Round 4–2011

DOT selected four sites for the fourth round of the NYC Plaza Program. In total, eight applications were submitted from throughout the City.

71st Avenue Triangle

71st Avenue at Stephen Street & Myrtle Avenue, Queens Community Board 5
Myrtle Avenue Queens Business Improvement District
Myrtle Avenue, a major connector between Brooklyn and Queens, is the principal commercial corridor of Greater Ridgewood, serviced by the Q55 bus. The Myrtle Avenue Queens BID operates along one mile of this corridor, supporting over 300 retail and service establishments. The 71st Avenue Triangle will reclaim the underutilized slip road between Stephen Street and Myrtle Avenue to improve safety, maintain operations for adjacent businesses, and provide 3,000 square feet of enhanced public open space for residents and shoppers. The Myrtle Avenue Queens BID plans to expand the activities currently held at the triangle during the Fall Street Festival and Christmas Photos to possibly include farmers & craft markets, music, children’s events, temporary art installations, and other holiday events.

Corona Plaza

Roosevelt Avenue Service Road between National & 104th Streets, Queens Community Board 4
Queens Economic Development Corporation (EDC)
Corona is located in central Queens, adjacent to Flushing Meadows Corona Park. As one of the most ethnically diverse communities in the U.S. according to Census data, Corona Plaza area is a bustling commercial hub that includes the 103rd Street station on the 7 line and Q33 bus, a public library, and a newly constructed elementary school. A large number of ethnic foods available in and around the plaza make the space a recognized destination. To support these activities, the project will close the service road to through traffic to provide 13,000 square feet of public open space. Queens EDC will partner with other organizations, including the Flushing Willets Point Corona Local Development Corporation, Corona Community Action Network and the Queens Museum to schedule seasonal activities and events that benefit the local community.

Van Name Van Pelt Waterfront Plaza

Richmond Terrace between Van Name and Van Pelt Avenues, Staten Island Community Board 1
Northfield Community Local Development Corporation (LDC)
Van Name Van Pelt Waterfront Plaza is a passive, natural waterfront area, on the north shore Staten Island. The site, known as "Blue Streets" within the community, was targeted over a decade ago by local environmentalists for volunteer-based clean-up efforts with the goal that residents could see and access the waterfront. According to long-time residents, the site had historically served as a neighborhood beachfront and picnic area in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The nearby 43-acre wading-bird sanctuary, Shooter's Island, is in clear sight across the shoreline. The Northfield Community LDC, in collaboration with the North Shore Waterfront Conservancy, the Staten Island Economic Development Corporation and the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, proposes to enhance Van Name Van Pelt Waterfront Plaza to create a neighborhood public space and waterfront access point. The Northfield Community LDC seeks to celebrate and share the rich history of the site with area public schools and to pursue integration of student-related programming with local waterfront and maritime groups. The organization also seeks to incorporate local artist groups to bring temporary art installations to the waterfront.

78th Street Plaza

78th Street between 34th Avenue and Northern Boulevard, Queens Community Board 3
Partner: Jackson Heights Green Alliance
Jackson Heights is today considered to be one of the most diverse communities in the world. The dense neighborhood however is woefully lacking in public open space – there is only one park, a heavily utilized, fully paved 1.92 acre playground named Travers Park. Before applying to the NYC Plaza Program, the Jackson Heights Green Alliance had already programmed a summer play street at the site for four years. This project will now formalize the space for the community by closing 78th Street between 34th Avenue and Northern Boulevard to through traffic in order to add approximately 10,000 square feet of open space for both active and passive recreation.

Round 3–2010

DOT selected three sites for the third round of the NYC Plaza Program. In total, twelve applications were submitted from throughout the City.

New Lots Triangle

Ashford Street at Livonia and New Lots Avenues, Brooklyn Community Board 5
New Lots Avenue Triangle Merchants Association, Inc.
New Lots Triangle is a busy transportation hub with active retail. Located at the terminus of the elevated 3 train and Shore Parkway's B6 bus, and in the middle of the B15 bus route to JFK, the triangle is currently an 800 square foot concrete island surrounded by moving traffic. A redesign will provide approximately 5,000 square feet by connecting the island to the sidewalk across Ashford Street to make a safer, more pleasant public space beneath the elevated train structure. The New Lots Avenue Triangle Merchants Association envisions a weekly farmer's market where merchants and residents can shop, sell goods, and have a greater opportunity to interact with each other.

Fowler Square

Lafayette Avenue & Fulton Street, Brooklyn Community Board 2
Fulton Area Business (FAB) Alliance
In the heart of Fort Greene, Fowler Square (formerly Lafayette Square) is a traffic island and Greenstreet memorial to Civil War hero Brigadier General Edward Fowler (1828-1896). The project will seek to enhance and possibly expand the Greenstreet onto both Lafayette Avenue and South Elliott Place to provide a smoother walking surface and seating options at this important gateway to Fort Greene. The FAB Alliance seeks to make a plaza design that will protect and highlight the significance of General Fowler and to partner with the many community performing and visual arts organizations, schools and merchants to create programming to activate Fowler Square as a true neighborhood destination.

Zion Triangle

East New York Avenue & Pitkin Avenue, Brooklyn Community Board 16
Pitkin Avenue Business Improvement District
Located in East New York at the entrance to the burgeoning retail strip along Pitkin Avenue, Zion Triangle is park that in disrepair but home to a magnificent limestone war memorial. Adjacent to the historic Pitkin Theater, which is being redeveloped to provide added retail and a new charter school, the redesign of Zion Triangle will expand the park and seek to enhance safety and provide a refuge for residents, shoppers, and nearby school children to enjoy the public realm. By creating a focal point that will become both a neighborhood destination and a welcoming gateway to the community's historic shopping district, the Pitkin Avenue BID believes Zion Triangle will support further nearby revitalization.

Round 2–2009

DOT selected three sites for the second round of the NYC Plaza program. DOT received eight applications, for sites in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan.

Fox Square

Flatbush Avenue & Fulton Street, Brooklyn Community Board 2
Downtown Brooklyn Partnership
Fox Square sits at the gateway to the Fulton Mall, where the neighborhoods of Fort Greene and Downtown Brooklyn come together. The 10,000-square-foot space is heavily used by pedestrians and is serviced by the Nevins Street subway station as well as three bus lines. The project will support the City's enhancements along Flatbush by adding Fox Square to the Economic Development Corporation's Flatbush Avenue Streetscape project. EDC and DOT will collaborate with the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership to redesign this space to maintain open circulation and seating to give people a place to rest. An earlier concept only included the redesign of the inner part of the plaza. By bringing the project into the Plaza Program, DOT is expanding the scope to redesign the entire plaza. Enhancements will replace the paving, add seating, trees, lighting, and other appropriate amenities to support this bustling intersection. The Downtown Brooklyn Partnership will take on the management of the plaza upon completion of the capital reconstruction.

Glendale Memorial Triangle

70th Street at Myrtle and Cooper Avenues, Queens Community Board 5
Ridgewood LDC
Located in Glendale, Queens, this project will expand and enhance a small park: Glendale Memorial Triangle. Adjacent to the Q55 bus route, the project will build out 70th Street between Myrtle Avenue and Cooper Avenue to quadruple the amount of pedestrian public space at the triangle to approximately 4,000 square feet. The Ridgewood LDC will work to have the plaza support activity along the commercial corridor by providing seating, trees, decorative paving, public art, and events.

Monsignor Del Valle Square

East 163rd Street at Bruckner Boulevard & Hunts Point Avenue, Bronx Community Board 2
NYC Department of Parks and Recreation
At the exit of the Hunts Point Avenue subway station sits Monsignor Del Valle Square (formerly known as Crames Square), a 30,000 square foot park. The park is an active transit hub served by four bus lines and the 6 train, yet there are few trees and no seating. The park is located at a five-legged intersection that measures 150 feet from curb to curb, where cars routinely queue to get to the Sheridan and Brucker Expressways. DOT is rolling out operational enhancements this fall to make the intersection safer and more efficient (see image below). These enhancements will be incorporated into the redesign and reconstruction of Del Valle Square to create an active neighborhood destination with amenities that support the various needs of Hunts Point. This project will be managed and maintained by the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, as the majority of the property is under their jurisdiction.

Round 1–2008

DOT received 22 applications for the first round of the NYC Plaza Program from not-for-profit organizations in all five boroughs. Eight projects are underway in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Marcy and Fulton Avenue Before and After
Fulton Street & Marcy Avenue-existing and proposed.


Marcy Avenue Plaza

Fulton Street & Marcy Avenue, Brooklyn Community Board 3 Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation
Just off the bustling commercial corridor of Fulton Street, the Marcy Avenue plaza will narrow the width of Marcy Avenue between Fulton and MacDonough Streets to create 8,000 square feet of new pedestrian space in the heart of Bedford Stuyvesant. This project dovetails with the Bedford Stuyvesant Gateway Streetscape project by the Mayor's Office of Comprehensive Neighborhood Economic Development and the NYC Economic Development Corporation, which is redesigning Fulton Street from Bedford Avenue to Troy Avenue.

Myrtle Avenue Plaza

Myrtle Avenue between Grand Avenue & Emerson Place, Brooklyn Community Board 2
Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership
The Myrtle Avenue plaza will create 25,000 square feet of new pedestrian space by reconfiguring two blocks of a four-block service road. The new plaza will provide a pedestrian refuge for residents of Clinton Hill and for the students of Pratt Institute. Enhancements include improved crossings and bus stops, and the planting of many more trees and plants.

Knickerbocker Plaza

Knickerbocker Avenue & Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn Commmunity Board 4
Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council
Along an active commercial strip in Bushwick, the removal of and redesign of a slip lane at Myrtle Avenue will add 2,000 square feet to the Knickerbocker plaza. The public space will enhance the waiting area for the elevated Knickerbocker Avenue subway station (M train), above the site.

Humboldt Street Plaza

Humboldt Street between Moore Street and Varet Street, Brooklyn Community Board 1
Brooklyn Economic Development Corporation
Adjacent to one of the City's historic LaGuardia-era public markets, the Humboldt Street plaza will create an additional 7,000 square feet of outdoor seating and additional market space.


West side of Park Avenue between East 41st and 42nd Streets

Manhattan Community Board 5
Grand Central Partnership
The project will create a pedestrian plaza on the west side of Park Avenue, between E.41st and E.42nd Streets. Adjacent to historic Grand Central Terminal and Pershing Restaurant, the plaza will provide commuters and tourists with an additional 8,000 square feet of outdoor space in one of the City's busiest commercial districts.

Hamilton Place & Broadway between West 136th and 138th Streets

Manhattan Community Board 9
Heritage Health & Housing, Inc.
Located in Hamilton Heights at Broadway and West 137th Street, the project would add 14,000 square feet of pedestrian space by removing a slip lane and adding it to a redesigned Montefiore Park. The plaza will provide a destination at a vibrant pedestrian corridor and gateway for City College students who commute from the 137th/City College subway station (1 train).

175th Street Plaza

West 175th Street between Broadway and Wadsworth Street, Manhattan Community Board 12
Washington Heights and Inwood Development Corporation
The 175th Street plaza will transform a public market, La Plaza De Las Americas, into a 10,000 square foot permanent pedestrian plaza. Adjacent to a historic, 3,200 seat theater, United Palace, the public space will be designed to create a town square similar to those found throughout Latin America.

Forsyth Street Plaza

Forsyth Street between Canal Street and Division Street, Manhattan Community Board 3
Renaissance Economic Development Corporation
The Forsyth Street plaza will provide additional sidewalk space along the western portion of Forsyth Street to enhance the street environment currently alongside and underneath the Manhattan Bridge. In addition, the project will create an upper plaza on a vacant portion of property adjacent the bridge's off-ramp so that residents and cyclists traveling off the bridge can enjoy public open space that looks down upon Forsyth Street and the surrounding neighborhood. In total, the project provides up to 10,000 square feet of new public space.