Public Plaza Concessions

29-Day Concession Permits

29-Day Concession Permits provide an opportunity for a concessionaire to activate a designated NYC DOT Public Plaza for up to 29 days. Generally, a 29-Day Concession Permit requires a concessionaire to provide maintenance services in the plaza during their hours of operation in lieu of a fee.  With this Permit, concessionaires can operate a ONE-TIME concession in a designated High- or Medium-need NYC DOT plaza for 29 days within a 365-day period.

Available Locations for 29-Day Concession Permits:

Size (square feet)
On Street
Cross Street 1
Cross Street 2
Fordham Plaza Bronx 86,500 Park Avenue East 189th Street Third Avenue
Parkside Plaza Brooklyn 7,100 Parkside Avenue Ocean Avenue Parkside Avenue
New Lots Plaza Brooklyn 3,100 Ashford Street Livonia Avenue New Lots Avenue
Forsyth Plaza Manhattan 30,000 Forsyth Street Canal Street Division Street
Diversity Plaza (southern block only) Queens 7,800 37th Road Broadway Roosevelt Avenue
Beach 20th Plaza Queens 9,400 Beach 20th Street Beach 21st Street Mott Avenue
** Additional plazas may be available upon request.

Concessionaires do not need to be the Plaza Partner to apply for this opportunity. For more information, or if you are interested in applying for a 29-Day Concession Permit, please click the links below: 29-Day Concession Opportunity Info Sheet (pdf) 29-Day Concession Interest Form (Surveymonkey)

For any other questions, please email:

Recent 29-Day Activations

Example of a 29-Day Activation on Fordham Plaza in the Bronx. On a sunny day, people gather around and line up to buy food from two food tents.
Fordham Plaza, Bronx – Foodie Fridays
Example of a 29-Day Activation on Wyckoff Plaza in Queens. On a cloudy day, people are shopping at multiple tents with vendors selling food.
Wyckoff Plaza, Queens – Neighborhood Market
An example of a 29-Day Activation at Parkside Plaza in Brooklyn. On a sunny day, people are passing through tents with produce.
Parkside Plaza, Brooklyn – Green Market
An example of a 29-Day Activation at Bliss Plaza in Queens. People shop for crafts and gifts at night at the Bliss Plaza Holiday Market.
Bliss Plaza, Queens – Pop-up Holiday Market