Accessible Pedestrian Signals

NYCDOT's Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) are devices affixed to pedestrian signal poles to assist blind or low vision pedestrians in crossing the street. APSs are wired to a pedestrian signal and send audible and vibrotactile indications when pedestrians push a button installed at the crosswalk.

Before installing an APS at an intersection, DOT analyzes off-peak traffic presence, the current traffic-signal patterns and the complexity of the intersection's geometry, including crossing distance. The agency uses the National Cooperative Highway Research Program criteria and the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices to evaluate and then rank each intersection under consideration, including new traffic signal installations.

Below is a list of locations equipped with APS in New York City. Request a new location to be evaluated for an APS by writing to the Commissioner.

As required by law, DOT issues an annual report on the status of the APS program. Download the 2015 report (pdf) Download the 2014 report (pdf) Download the 2013 report (pdf) Download the 2012 report (pdf)

Accessible Pedestrian Signals Locations in New York City

Location Borough
Date Installed
Astor Avenue and Colden Avenue the Bronx 10/07/2015
Bailey Avenue and West 234th Street and Bailey Place the Bronx 10/14/2015
Bartow Avenue and Co-Op City Boulevard and Bay Plaza Boulevard the Bronx 10/08/2015
Boston Road and East 212th Street/Pearsall Avenue the Bronx 10/30/2015
Bronxwood Avenue and East 219th Street the Bronx 02/03/2010
Bronxwood Avenue and East 220th Street the Bronx 02/03/2010
Burke Avenue and Yates Avenue the Bronx 01/18/2017
Co-Op City Boulevard and Carver Loop East the Bronx 10/09/2015
Co-Op City Boulevard and Rombouts Avenue and Carver Loop West the Bronx 10/13/2015
East 163rd Street and Rogers Place the Bronx 03/02/2014
East Tremont Avenue with Hutchinson River Parkway and Ericson Place the Bronx 01/18/2017
Edward L Grant Hwy and West 169 Street the Bronx 08/18/2016
Goulden Avenue and Lehman College High School the Bronx 06/26/2013
Grand Concourse and Fordham Road the Bronx 07/19/2012
Kappock Street and Netherland Avenue the Bronx 05/02/2007
Mace Avenue and Colden Avenue the Bronx 06/13/2014
Morris Park Avenue and Albert Einstein College of Medicine (mid-block) the Bronx 11/01/2011
Pelham Parkway North and Laconia Avenue the Bronx 08/01/2014
Pelham Parkway N/S Service Roads and Williams Bridge Road the Bronx 10/08/2015
Valentine Avenue and East 178th Street the Bronx 10/28/2016
Valentine Avenue between East Tremont and East 178th Street the Bronx 09/05/2013
Webster Avenue between East Tremont and East 178th Street the Bronx 09/05/2013
Westchester Avenue with Crosby, Buhre and Edison Avenues the Bronx 09/22/2016
White Plains Road and Lydig Avenue the Bronx 07/25/2014
3rd Avenue and 33rd Street Brooklyn 10/23/2015
4th Avenue and 9th Street Brooklyn 10/26/2015
4th Avenue and 36th Street Brooklyn 03/29/2016
4th Avenue and 39th Street Brooklyn 10/15/2015
4th Avenue and 44th Street Brooklyn 10/21/2015
4th Avenue and 45th Street Brooklyn 10/26/2015
4th Avenue and 55th Street Brooklyn 10/22/2015
4th Avenue and 59th Street Brooklyn 01/06/2016
4th Avenue and Union Street Brooklyn 10/18/2016
5th Avenue and 89th Street Brooklyn 12/12/2012
14th Avenue and 36th Street (New York Industries for the Blind) Brooklyn 08/18/2013
86th Street between 4th Avenue and 5th Avenue Brooklyn 02/22/2016
86th Street and Bay 22nd Street Brooklyn 10/27/2015
Adams Street/Boerum Place and Fulton Street Brooklyn 04/25/2012
Adams Street/Boerum Place and Livingston Street Brooklyn 05/09/2012
Adams Street between Fulton Street and Johnson Street (mid-block) Brooklyn 02/21/2012
Atlantic Avenue and Boerum Place Brooklyn 04/25/2012
Atlantic Avenue and Bond Street Brooklyn 11/26/2013
Atlantic Avenue and Hoyt Street Brooklyn 05/23/2013
Atlantic Avenue and Nevins Street Brooklyn 09/19/2012
Atlantic Avenue and Smith Street Brooklyn 08/15/2013
Avenue U and Ocean Avenue Brooklyn 06/29/2016
Avenue Z and East 6th Street Brooklyn 12/12/2016
Bedford Avenue between Avenue I and Campus Road (mid-block) Brooklyn 01/05/2012
Bedford Avenue and Lafayette Avenue Brooklyn 12/02/2016
Boerum Place and Schermerhorn Street Brooklyn 08/28/2012
Boerum Place and State Street Brooklyn 11/26/2013
Cadman Plaza West and Montague Street Brooklyn 04/11/2013
Church Avenue and Dahill Avenue (New York Industries for the Blind) Brooklyn 08/16/2013
Church Avenue and McDonald Avenue (New York Industries for the Blind) Brooklyn 07/15/2013
Court Street and Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn 08/26/2013
Court Street and Livingston Street Brooklyn 06/16/2012
Court Street with Remsen and Joralemon Street Brooklyn 05/25/2013
Court Street and Schermerhorn Street Brooklyn 08/27/2012
Court Street and State Street Brooklyn 03/30/2014
Cropsey Avenue and Bay 32nd Street Brooklyn 01/04/2016
Cropsey Avenue and Bay 35th / 24th Avenue Brooklyn 10/28/2015
Cropsey Avenue and Bay 49th Street Brooklyn 10/28/2015
DeKalb Avenue and Hudson Avenue Brooklyn 05/11/2015
Dekalb Avenue and S Portland Avenue Brooklyn 11/21/2016
Ditmas Avenue and East 5th Street Brooklyn 12/12/2012
East New York Avenue at Dean Street and Sackman Street Brooklyn 12/24/2015
Flatbush Avenue with Brooklyn Avenue and Avenue J Brooklyn 12/23/2015
Flatbush Avenue and Dekalb Avenue Brooklyn 10/16/2015
Flatbush Avenue at Fulton Street and Nevins Street Brooklyn 06/25/2012
Flatbush Avenue and Glenwood Road (west leg) Brooklyn 10/12/2016
Flatbush Avenue with Glenwood Road and East 29th Street (east leg) Brooklyn 10/14/2016
Flatbush Avenue with Nostrand Avenue and Hillel Place Brooklyn 11/17/2016
Flatbush Avenue and Willoughby Street Brooklyn 10/15/2015
Flatlands Avenue and East 107th Street Brooklyn 07/17/2014
Flushing Avenue and Bogart Street Brooklyn 12/06/2016
Flushing Avenue and Skillman Street Brooklyn 08/24/2013
Flushing Avenue and Warsoff Place Brooklyn 12/13/2016
Franklin Avenue and Lafayette Avenue Brooklyn 11/18/2016
Fulton Street with Lafayette Avenue and Fort Greene Place Brooklyn 01/18/2017
Fulton Street and Crescent Street Brooklyn 12/09/2016
Graham Avenue and Maujer Street (500' South) Brooklyn 01/15/2016
Hanson Place and St. Felix Street Brooklyn 05/13/2015
Hillel Place and Campus Road (North Side) Brooklyn 08/07/2015
Jay Street and Metrotech Roadway (North Leg) Brooklyn 04/26/2012
Jay Street and Metrotech Roadway (South Leg) Brooklyn 02/10/2012
Jay Street/Smith Street and Fulton Street Brooklyn 09/13/2013
Jay Street and Willoughby Street Brooklyn 02/13/2013
Livingston Street and Bond Street Brooklyn 05/16/2013
Livingston Street and Hoyt Street Brooklyn 05/18/2013
Livingston Street at Nevins Street Brooklyn 06/27/2014
McDonald Avenue and Ditmas Avenue Brooklyn 07/10/2012
Nevins Street and State Street Brooklyn 01/18/2017
New Utrecht Avenue and 62nd Street Brooklyn 07/07/2014
Nostrand Avenue and Erasmus Street Brooklyn 02/08/2014
Nostrand Avenue and Glenwood Road Brooklyn 11/03/2016
Pennsylvania Avenue and Freeport Loop (North Leg) Brooklyn 07/11/2014
Rochester Avenue and Dean Street Brooklyn 11/17/2016
Rockaway Pkwy at Brookdale Hospital entrance (w of Linden Blvd) Brooklyn 10/21/2016
Schermerhorn Street and Nevins Street Brooklyn 12/04/2013
Smith Street and Livingston Street Brooklyn 07/13/2012
1st Avenue between E 30th Street and E 33rd Street Manhattan 02/02/2016
1st Avenue and East 122nd Street Manhattan 11/25/2016
2nd Avenue and Stuyvesant Square (East 16th Street) Manhattan 11/09/2016
2nd Avenue and East 98th Street Manhattan 11/23/2016
2nd Avenue and Pedestrian Crossing (East 107th Street) Manhattan 11/23/2016
2nd Avenue and Pedestrian Crossing (East 114th Street) Manhattan 11/09/2016
3rd Avenue and East 59th Street (Lighthouse) Manhattan 02/02/2010
3rd Avenue and East 72nd Street Manhattan 10/20/2015
3rd Avenue and Pedestrian Crossing (East 113th Street) Manhattan 11/25/2016
5th Avenue and East 23rd Street Manhattan 04/13/2012
5th Avenue and 58th Street and Grand Army Plaza Manhattan 07/20/2014
5th Avenue at Pedestrian Crossing (West/East 113th Street) Manhattan 11/22/2016
5th Avenue with East 124th and West 124th Streets Manhattan 08/19/2016
5th Avenue and 125th Street Manhattan 11/05/2016
7th Avenue and West 23rd Street Manhattan 09/16/2011
7th Avenue and West 32nd Street Manhattan 07/05/2012
8th Avenue between West 31st and West 32nd Streets Manhattan 06/25/2016
8th Avenue and West 55th Street Manhattan 03/01/2013
8th Avenue and West 130th Street Manhattan 11/18/2016
Amsterdam Avenue and West 113th Street Manhattan 10/31/2015
Amsterdam Avenue and West 114th Street Manhattan 08/12/2016
Amsterdam Avenue at Pedestrian Crossing (West 117th Street) Manhattan 11/22/2016
Avenue of Americas and 23rd Street (Selis Manor) Manhattan 05/25/2004
Avenue D and East 3rd Street Manhattan 10/06/2016
Avenue D and East 11th Street Manhattan 11/17/2016
Battery Place and Washington Street Manhattan 05/11/2015
Beekman Street and Nassau Street Manhattan 08/27/2016
Beekman Street and Williams Street Manhattan 12/18/2016
Broadway and Bowling Green Manhattan 09/13/2013
Broadway with Dyckman Street and Riverside Drive Manhattan 10/31/2016
Broadway and West 23rd Street Manhattan 04/13/2012
Broadway and West 66th Street Manhattan 08/10/2016
Broadway and West 175th Street Manhattan 10/31/2016
Central Park West and West 65th Street (North/East/West Legs-Phase II) Manhattan 10/20/2015
Central Park West and West 65th Street (South Leg-Phase I) Manhattan 09/24/2010
Cherry Street and Rutgers Street Manhattan 10/26/2016
Columbus Avenue and West 65th Street Manhattan 09/24/2010
Columbus Avenue and West 66th Street Manhattan 08/04/2016
East Broadway between Catherine Street and Market Street Manhattan 02/23/2016
East End Avenue and East 85th Street Manhattan 07/16/2014
Edgecombe Avenue and West 164th Street Manhattan 03/01/2014
Gold Street and Beekman Street Manhattan 09/20/2013
Gold Street and Fulton Street Manhattan 09/30/2013
Gold Street and Spruce Street Manhattan 09/20/2013
Grand Street and Ridge Street Manhattan 02/23/2016
Greenwich Street and Barclay Street Manhattan 10/29/2015
Lexington Avenue and East 52nd Street Manhattan 06/26/2012
Lexington Avenue and East 59th Street (Lighthouse) Manhattan 10/22/2004
Madison Street and Jefferson Street Manhattan 06/20/2014
Maiden Lane at Front Street Manhattan 06/27/2014
Park Avenue and East 59th Street (Lighthouse) Manhattan 10/12/2004
St James Place and James Street Manhattan 11/20/2013
St Nicholas Avenue and West 125th Street Manhattan 10/21/2016
Stone Street and Broad Street Manhattan 04/06/2016
Stone Street and Whitehall Street Manhattan 06/07/2012
Washington Square South and Thompson Street Manhattan 08/09/2015
Water Street and Fulton Street Manhattan 10/06/2016
West 23rd Street between 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue (Mid-block) Manhattan 07/25/2013
West 34th Street between Broadway, 6th and 7th Avenues Manhattan 05/07/2016
West 34th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues Manhattan 03/12/2016
West 34th Street between 8th Avenue and 9th Avenue (mid-block) Manhattan 02/07/2012
West 42nd Street between 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue Manhattan 03/10/2016
West 42nd Street between 7th Avenue and 8th Avenue Manhattan 05/02/2016
West 42nd Street between 8th Avenue and 9th Avenue Manhattan 05/09/2016
West 53rd Street between 5th and 6th Avenues Manhattan 10/03/2016
West 57th Street between 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue Manhattan 03/01/2016
West 57th Street between 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue (Mid-block) Manhattan 06/23/2013
West 57th Street between 8th Avenue and 9th Avenue (Mid-block) Manhattan 07/25/2013
West 125th Street at 400’ east of Frederick Douglass Boulevard Manhattan 10/31/2016
West 125th Street at 450’ west of 5th Avenue Manhattan 10/28/2016
West 125th Street at 400’ west of Lenox Avenue Manhattan 10/28/2016
West 155th Street with Edgecomb Avenue and HRD / St Nicholas Place Manhattan 12/30/2015
York Avenue and East 62nd Street Manhattan 07/22/2012
27th Avenue and 8th Street (Goodwill Industries) Queens 08/08/2006
36th Avenue and 23rd Street Queens 11/21/2013
110th Avenue and Sutphin Boulevard Queens 08/15/2016
Clintonville Street and Locke Avenue Queens 08/01/2014
Corona Avenue and 94th Street Queens 05/20/2016
Eliot Avenue and 72nd Street Queens 12/07/2016
Francis Lewis Boulevard and 35th Avenue Queens 07/16/2014
Hempstead Avenue and 221st Street Queens 10/07/2016
Hillside Avenue and 256th Street Queens 08/02/2011
Hillside Avenue with Merrick Boulevard and 166th Street Queens 12/02/2016
Jamaica Avenue and 196th Street Queens 10/30/2015
Jamaica Avenue and Springfield Boulevard Queens 10/11/2016
Kissena Boulevard and Elder Avenue Queens 11/29/2016
Kissena Boulevard and Sanford Avenue Queens 11/28/2016
Little Neck Parkway and 86th Avenue Queens 08/02/2011
Main Street and 41st Road Queens 12/05/2016
Main Street and Northern Boulevard Queens 11/23/2016
Marathon Parkway and 57th Avenue Queens 05/02/2012
Merrick Boulevard and 231st Street Queens 09/26/2014
Myrtle Avenue and 82nd Street Queens 10/30/2015
Northern Boulevard at 211th Street Queens 03/20/2014
Northern Boulevard with Roosevelt Avenue and 156th Street Queens 11/01/2016
Queens Boulevard and 58th Street Queens 01/20/2014
Queens Boulevard and Queens Borough Hall Queens 10/31/2015
Queens Boulevard (eastbound) and Woodhaven Boulevard Queens 04/23/2012
Queens Boulevard (westbound) and Woodhaven Boulevard Queens 03/14/2012
Seneca Avenue and Cornelia Street Queens 07/25/2014
Union Turnpike and Springfield Boulevard Queens 10/27/2016
Vernon Boulevard and 40th Avenue Queens 11/30/2016
Woodhaven Boulevard (NB) and Long Island Epressway entrance ramp Queens 03/14/2012
Brielle Avenue and Gansevoort Boulevard (Wagner High School) Staten Island 05/25/2006
Castleton Avenue and Bard Avenue Staten Island 07/21/2007
Castleton Avenue and Brighton Avenue (S.I. Center for Independent Living) Staten Island 01/19/2006
Clove Road and Clove Lake Place Staten Island 10/24/2016
Forest Avenue and Bement Avenue Staten Island 07/30/2007
Howard Avenue and Hillside Avenue Staten Island 09/24/2014
Richmond Terrace and Sharpe Avenue Staten Island 05/18/2015
Targee Street and Naples Street (235’ North of Venice Street) Staten Island 05/07/2015
Tompkins Avenue and Hill Street Staten Island 10/19/2015
Victory Boulevard and Eddy Street Staten Island 09/04/2014