Accessible Pedestrian Signals

NYCDOT's Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) are devices affixed to pedestrian signal poles to assist blind or low vision pedestrians in crossing the street. APSs are wired to a pedestrian signal and send audible and vibrotactile indications when pedestrians push a button installed at the crosswalk.

Before installing an APS at an intersection, DOT analyzes off-peak traffic presence, the current traffic-signal patterns and the complexity of the intersection's geometry, including crossing distance. The agency uses the National Cooperative Highway Research Program criteria and the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices to evaluate and then rank each intersection under consideration, including new traffic signal installations.

Below is a list of locations equipped with APS in New York City. Request a new location to be evaluated for an APS by writing to the Commissioner.

As required by law, DOT issues an annual report on the status of the APS program. Download the 2019 report (pdf) Download the 2018 report (pdf) Download the 2017 report (pdf) Download the 2016 report (pdf) Download the 2015 report (pdf) Download the 2014 report (pdf) Download the 2013 report (pdf) Download the 2012 report (pdf)

Accessible Pedestrian Signals Locations in New York City

Download the Accessible Pedestrian Signals Locations in New York City (xlsx)