Access to Opportunity: Transportation and Housing Study in the Eastern Rockaways


Access to Opportunity: Transportation and Housing Study in the Eastern Rockaways, is a multi-year study to improve multimodal transportation access in the Eastern Rockaways, the area between the Cross Bay-Veterans Memorial Bridge and the Nassau County line in the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens. This study will create proposals for short-term and long-term multimodal transportation improvements aligned with the City’s land-use investments in the area. Access to Opportunity will give particular emphasis to improving residents’ access to goods, activities, services, and destinations, which are collectively known as opportunities, in the form of roadway, transit, walking and cycling improvements and accessible land use recommendations. Access to Opportunity will develop short-term improvements intended for implementation by DOT in-house teams, as well as long-term proposals and a conceptual plan for urban design and street connectivity in the Eastern Rockaways.

Stakeholder and Public Involvement

Public involvement will be incorporated into milestones throughout the course of the study. DOT has been convening meetings with elected officials, local businesses, community groups and other agencies at regular intervals to gather input and discuss findings over the course of the study.

DOT Ambassadors have been conducting regular on-street outreach in the Eastern Rockaways to provide project updates and incorporate public feedback on future stages of the project.

To hear about updates and upcoming outreach events, please visit the study’s website for new posts and information:

As part of its collaboration with HPD, DOT will incorporate public input from HPD-led public planning processes for Edgemere and other future investments in the Eastern Rockaways.

Project Area

Project Background

The study is part of Mayor Bill de Blasio administration’s efforts to help the residents of the Rockaways to recover from Hurricane Sandy. It is also a collaborative effort between DOT and the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) and funded through a $1.5 million Federal Highway Administration TIGER grant from the United States Department of Transportation.

The Access to Opportunity: Transportation and Housing Study in the Eastern Rockaways is part of DOT's efforts to find long term, sustainable solutions to New York City's transportation needs and improve accessibility and mobility across New York City.

Project Documents

Download the presentation (pdf) December 2015 Download the presentation (pdf) March 2016 Download the presentation (pdf) June 2016 Download the presentation (pdf) November 2016