Permit Application Guide

LPC has launched an updated edition of the Permit Application Guide, now named the LPC Permit Guidebook: How to Get Staff-Level Approvals to help applicants file applications that include the correct materials so that staff can review the proposed work and issue a permit more quickly.

The LPC Permit Guidebook, which reflect the new rules and amendments adopted by the Commission in January 2019, focuses on the most common types of work that require a permit, such as window replacement, restoration and additions. It includes new guidance on barrier-free access in order to ensure buildings are accessible, and, for the first time, it also addresses sustainability, resiliency and flood-proofing measures in historic buildings so they may best adapt to the impacts of climate change. If your work type is not included in this guidebook, please contact us for assistance on how to complete a permit application.

Please note the LPC Permit Guidebook is meant to be used in conjunction with LPC Rules, available here (in PDF). It does not replace or amend the LPC Rules and does not release property owners from the obligation of obtaining a permit for work from the Commission.

Download the full LPC Permit Guidebook as a PDF

You can also download individual chapters of the LPC Permit Guidebook:

Windows and Doors
Awnings and Sidewalk Canopies
Front,Side, and Rear Yards and Areaways
Barrier-Free Access
Health, Safety, and Utility Equipment
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning and Other Mechanical Equipment
Fire Escapes
Temporary Installations

If you would like to purchase the LPC Permit Guidebook as a bound book, it is available at the CityStore. It can be purchased online here or at the store located at 1 Centre Street, New York, NY 10007.