Permit Types

LPC issues permits for work on landmark properties.  All LPC permit applications are now filed and processed through Portico, the agency’s new web-based permit application portal. A staff preservationist will determine which type of permit is needed for your project after review of your permit application submitted through Portico.

LPC permits are required for the following work: 

  • Exterior
    • Any restoration, in-kind replacement, alteration, reconstruction, demolition, or new construction that affects the exterior of an individual landmark or a building in a historic district
    • Any project that affects the exterior of the building, even parts of the building that are not visible from the street

Please note: even if your exterior project does not require a Department of Buildings permit, or can be approved by self-certification at DOB, a LPC permit is still required.

  • Interior
    • Any interior work that requires a permit from the Department of Buildings
    • Any interior work that affects the exterior of a building, such as HVAC louvers and vents
    • Any interior work that affects interior spaces that have been designated as interior landmarks

LPC permits are not required for the following emergency repairs or types of maintenance work:

  • Temporarily boarding up windows and doors to prevent possible damage (i.e., due to hurricanes, vandalism, etc.) or to secure damaged windows and doors prior to making repairs
  • Removing broken or dislodged façade elements that pose an immediate threat to occupants or the public (Note: historic architectural features should be salvaged and saved on site for repair or replication, and LPC staff should be immediately notified to assist you in applying for permanent repairs)
  • Installing tarps or protective coverings at holes in walls or roofs (i.e., damage from fallen trees, fire, structural collapse, etc.)
  • Replacing broken glass in kind
  • Replacing broken window and door hardware
  • Replacing caulk around windows and doors
  • Replacing broken or damaged gutters and leaders in kind (g., copper for copper)
  • Repainting or “touching-up” painted surfaces in kind using the same color
  • Cleaning sidewalks, storefronts and façade elements with low-pressure water washing.

You can also download our Fact Sheet on Emergency Repairs here.

All approved LPC permits are issued through Portico and available for download via the Portico dashboard. The permit describes the proposed work and explains why it has been approved. The permit must be posted prominently at the building while the work is under way.

What type of permit do I need?

The type of permit that is required for your project depends on the type of work you plan to do. Permit types are categorized as staff-level permits, Commission-level review, or post-approval actions.

Staff-Level Permits

Permits for work that conforms to the Rules of the Landmarks Preservation Commission can be issued by a staff preservationist. 95% of LPC’s permit approvals are issued at staff level and do not require full review by the Commission at a public hearing.

If LPC staff finds that the work proposed in your application does not meet LPC rules for a staff-level permit, they may suggest alternatives that can be approved under a staff-level permit.

Staff-level permits for certain types of work can be issued more quickly through our Expedited Review services.

Commission-Level Review

Permits for work that do not meet the rules require a review by the full Commission at a public hearing. If LPC staff finds that the work proposed in your application does not meet LPC rules for a staff-level permit, you may present your proposal to the Commission at a public hearing and make your case for appropriateness. Your assigned staff preservationist will guide you through the public hearing process

Post-Approval Actions

After a permit has been approved, the Commission can take certain actions related to the original approval.

Please note: While there is no fee to submit an application, there are fees to cover costs associated with issuing permits for certain kinds of work.