Permit Types

LPC issues permits for work to landmark properties. The type of permit that's required for your project depends on the type of work you plan to do. Permits are issued by either a staff preservationist or the full Commission. A staff preservationist will determine which type of permit is needed for your project after review of your permit application.

Permit types are categorized as staff-level permits, Commission-level review, or post-approval actions.

Staff-Level Permits

Permits for work that conforms to the Rules of the Landmarks Preservation Commission can be issued by a staff preservationist.

Staff-level permits for certain types of work can be issued more quickly through our Expedited Review services.

Commission-Level Review

Permits for work that do not meet the rules require a review by the full Commission at a public hearing.

Post-Approval Actions

After a permit has been approved, the Commission can take certain actions related to the original approval.

Permits are issued in the form of a letter from LPC to the applicant. The permit describes the proposed work and explains why it has been approved. The permit must be posted prominently at the building while the work is under way.