Apply on Portico

Portico is LPC's web-based permit portal that makes it easy to file an application, and allows multiple users to access the same application and receive updates on application status. Owners of designated landmark properties and their applicant team will be able to use Portico for everything from filing applications for new permits or amending existing ones, to uploading supporting documentation (photographs, architectural plans, presentations), requesting notices of compliance, and receiving final permits and approved drawings.

Portico removes any uncertainty over which application form to use. The portal employs an application assistant, or “wizard,” for all applications, asking a series of simple questions to direct applicants to the correct application process and the required materials to support the application. Portico will also automatically direct applications to LPC’s express services, such as Business Express, FasTrack and Expedited Certificate of No Effect (XCNE) if qualified. 

Portico provides even more detailed status updates throughout every stage of the process. Applicants will be able to log into Portico to view the status of their application, and since Portico is designed to allow multiple users to access the same application, property owners and their applicant team will all have equal access to this information.

Click here to begin using Portico! You will be taken to a login page where you will need to log in with either an existing NYC.ID account or create a new NYC.ID account. An NYC.ID account is required to start using Portico.

Follow the steps below to file a complete application and obtain an LPC permit. Click on each topic below to reveal more information about that step.

Click a topic, or press the enter key on a topic, to reveal its answer.

Step 1: Start an application using Portico, LPC’s web-based permit portal

Go to to access Portico. In order to log into Portico, you will need an active email account and an NYC.ID account. If you don’t have an NYC.ID account, click “Create Account” and follow the directions to create a new NYC.ID account and log into Portico. After you have created an NYC.ID account, you can log in to Portico with that email and password. When logging in to Portico for the first time, you’ll be prompted to complete your Portico profile.

Once logged in to Portico, you’ll see your personalized dashboard.  From here you can start an application, apply for a post-approval action, and search permit applications. You can also view the status of your applications, including ones that are in draft form, previously submitted, and those already completed and issued.

Once you’ve submitted an application, any documents that are 'Awaiting Your Approval' will also appear here. From the Portico dashboard you can also access helpful resources such as our FAQs, Permit Guidebook, Rules, and more.

Step 2: Submit an application on Portico

Once you’re logged into Portico, there are six easy steps to submitting a complete application.

  • Find My Property: Identify the building where the work is proposed to be performed.
  • Contact Information: Input contact information for all team members
  • My Application Assistant: Answer a series of simple questions to determine the LPC permit for which you qualify
  • Upload Documents: Upload application materials related to the proposed work
  • Confirm Uploaded Documents: View the documents that have been successfully uploaded to Portico
  • Overview: Confirm that your application is ready for Owner Attestation (digital signature) and then submitted to LPC

Track your progress! Your personalized Portico Dashboard will show you the status of the application at every step of the way.

For more details on the six easy steps to submitting a complete application, click here.

Step 3: LPC assigns a staff preservationist to review your submitted application and determine the level of review

  • When LPC receives your application through Portico, your application is given a docket number and assigned to an LPC staff preservationist, who will evaluate the effect of the proposed work on the architectural and historic character of the building and/or the historic district. 
  • The LPC staff preservationist will also evaluate your application to determine if the proposed work meets the Commission's rules to qualify for staff-level review and approval once complete.
  • Depending on the proposed work, your LPC staff preservationist may provide additional guidance to refine or clarify details, materials, specifications, and approaches, if needed, and may arrange a meeting with you and your architect or contractor, depending on the complexity of the project.
  • If your staff preservationist finds that the proposed work does not meet the rules, they may suggest alternatives that can be reviewed at staff level.
  • Otherwise, you may present your proposal to the Commission at a public hearing and make your case for appropriateness. Your staff preservationist will guide you through the public hearing process.  More information about LPC’s public hearing process can be found here.
  • The LPC staff preservationist will determine whether your application is complete. If your application is found to be incomplete, the primary contact on the application will receive an email notification that additional materials are needed, with a link to the Portico Dashboard for the Materials Checklist items requiring review.
  • Staying updated: The primary contact on your application will receive email notifications with any updates, and all application team members can log in to the Portico dashboard at any time during the review process to see the current status of your application.
  • If your application remains incomplete for more than 90 days, your application may be withdrawn. 

Step 4: LPC issues your permit

  • If your application was found to be eligible for staff-level approval:
    • Once your staff preservationist has confirmed that all required materials are received, determined to be accurate, and the application is considered complete, LPC will process and issue the permit as quickly as possible.
    • The Commission is required to issue a permit within the following timeframes from the date the application is determined to be complete:
      • Certificate of No Effect: 30 working days 
      • Permit for Minor Work: 20 working days 
      • Certificate of Appropriateness: 90 working days 
    • In most instances, staff-level permits are issued more quickly than required time frame noted above. The amount of time needed to process a completed application depends on the complexity of the proposed work and whether a site visit is necessary (e.g., to review a mock-up or assess conditions). 
  • If your application was found not to be eligible for staff-level approval and you choose to present your proposal to the Commission at a public hearing:
    • If approved by the Commissioners, the staff may issue the Certificate of Appropriateness permit, depending on the work proposed, or it may require a separate filing through Portico to request review of the final filing drawings.
  • Once issued, your permit will be available for download in your Portico dashboard.
  • More information about the types of LPC Permits can be found here.