Technical Resources

The following manuals, guides and fact sheets are intended to provide technical assistance to property owners who would like to make changes to their buildings. They explain LPC's rules and regulations and how to get permits as quickly as possible, as well as how homeowners can reduce the carbon footprint of their historic properties without compromising their architectural features. 

Barrier-Free Access in Historic Buildings (Fact Sheet)

Flood Hazard Areas

Flood Shields, Barriers and Other Resiliency Measures

Greening NYC’s Historic Buildings

Guide to Researching Historic Buildings

Guidelines for Archaeological Work in New York City

Guidelines for Storefront Design in Historic Districts

Installing Solar Panels

LPC Public Hearing and Community Board Review Process (Fact Sheet)

Passive House and Other Deep Energy Retrofits

Repairing, Retrofitting and Replacing Windows (Fact Sheet)

Rowhouse Manual

Storefronts in Historic Districts (Fact Sheet)