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Noncustodial Parents

The child support program offers a range of valuable services to noncustodial parents. OCSS can help with:

The NYC Child Support – ACCESS HRA Mobile App offers features for parents who receive and pay support. Now noncustodial parents can pay their child support payments directly through the app, with no fees, using a credit card, debit card, PayPal or Venmo. They can answer questions online to complete and submit a number of forms, including applications for debt reduction programs and challenge forms. The app also enables them to maintain up-to-date contact information.

OCSS does not address divorce and custody/visitation, this is done by the New York City Family Court. OCSS can guide you to outside mediation services.

If you have received a driver's license suspension notice due to the accrual of past-due child support, the notice will instruct you how to either challenge/fight the suspension or how to pay the arrears and get your license back. One option is to enter into a payment agreement, which allows you to avoid accruing 9% interest if you consistently make payments. Email with the subject line "DMV payment agreement" to learn more.

Family Legal Care can support your technology needs with computers, internet access, phones, scanners, printers/fax, and assistance with Court navigation support. Visit the Family Legal Care website for more information.

Want to receive court and child support appointment reminders and information about applicable programs by text message? Text child to 844-429-7512. If you need to contact us, please use one of the methods listed on our home page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Answers

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I want to make a payment

For information about making a child support payment, refer to Your Child Support Payment Options. Payments made directly to the custodial parent will not be credited to your child support account and will still need to be made to the Support Collection Unit (SCU).

How does enforcement work and when does it start?

Please refer to the Enforcement Actions Summary or contact us with specific case-related questions by emailing us at

Refer to the home page for additional ways to contact us.

I need to apply for relief from an administrative enforcement action

I cannot make my court-ordered payments on time or in full

Noncustodial parents who cannot make their court-ordered payments on time or in full should schedule an appointment with one of our Customer Service representatives by emailing Be sure to include your case number in the email. Or call the New York State Child Support Helpline (888-208-4485) as soon as possible.

OCSS offers parents the option to draft a child support agreement or modify a current order with the help of Child Support Customer Service staff. Staff will review financial documents and apply the same guidelines that the Support Magistrates do in court. The agreement will then be submitted to the court as a basis for an Order on Consent. This process usually requires only one court hearing. To learn more, email us at with the subject line "Stipulation".

Now the child lives with me, what do I do about my child support case?

If you are paying child support and now have custody of the child(ren) or the children reside with you, you must petition the court immediately to suspend or terminate your child support order. The petition must be filed as soon as possible because a child support order is modified or terminated only back to the date the petition is filed and not the date that the child began living with the other parent.

A new petition needs to be filed with the Family Court to establish a new child support order against the parent without the child. Custody & visitation and child support cannot be discussed in the same court hearing.

Also, you must inform Child Support as soon as possible by emailing with subject "custody changed" or call the Child Support Helpline at 888-208-4485 between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm. You must submit documentation showing the child resides with you, along with a contact number.

Steps For Custody Change On A Child Support Case
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I was just served with a summons, now what?

Being served a summons for a child support hearing is an important first step in allowing you to prepare for court. Some parents receive a palm card, which summarizes who you can contact for assistance and the importance of appearing for your court hearing.

Watch What You Need to Know About Child Support Hearings and Services.

If you are preparing for a court hearing, be sure to complete the Financial Disclosure Affidavit and bring documents to the court, substantiating [or documenting] your income and expenses. This will help the support magistrate in establishing an order that is in line with your income.

I need help serving a summons

OCSS can serve a summons for a child support petition for either parent on your behalf. For more information, contact us by email at with the subject line "serving summons".
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