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OCSS Jobs and Training

To meet the immediate employment needs of parents who are obligated to pay child support, OCSS currently offers parents several ways to find employment. 

Our programs are described below and on the Debt Reduction and Job Programs to Assist Noncustodial Parents flyer.

To learn more about our current employment services, please call (929) 221-5015 or email Include your full name, Child Support Case ID, and date of birth.

Job Training Services

OCSS has partnered with job training service providers to support parents in meeting their child support obligation. Job training is available in a variety of industries, including construction, information technology, transportation, healthcare, and green jobs.

Take the first step, complete the short contact form, call (929) 221-5015, or email Include your full name,  Child Support Case ID, and date of birth when emailing us.

NYC Employment Services

Noncustodial parents can access New York City employment services offered by Small Business Services and the Human Resources Administration.

WorkForce 1 - A Proud Partner of the American Job Center Network

Workforce1 helps New Yorkers prepare for and connect to jobs in every sector across the five boroughs. Parents can get assistance accessing free training, identifying jobs that fit their skills, and preparing for interviews.

TXT-2-Work - Learn about and sign up for our job texting service

HRA's TXT-2-Work sends information about new job openings directly to job seekers' cell phones. Employment opportunities are in healthcare, retail, security, transportation, education, and other fields. Text "Jobs" to 877877 to receive job alerts.

Learn more about services offered by the Mayor's Office of Talent and Workforce Opportunity.

Additional Employment Programs

Additional programs available to noncustodial parents meeting specific criteria are listed below.


Parent Support Program connects noncustodial parents to employment, job training, mediation, education, life-skill classes, and other services. The program helps parents meet their child support obligation and build stronger relationships with their children. Noncustodial parents may be referred to the program when they appear in Family Court on their child support case in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, or Staten Island.

Jobs-Plus Logo

Jobs-Plus is a proven employment program for New York City public housing residents, offering assessment, job readiness, training, job search assistance, referrals for social supports, and child support services.