Unit Descriptions

DOB is committed to improving our performance and developing procedures that are streamlined, understandable and transparent. All Department units ensure the safety and Code compliance for the protection of all New Yorkers.

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Administrative Enforcement

The Administrative Enforcement Unit (AEU) enforces compliance with NYC Construction Codes, Electrical Code and Zoning Resolution through the prosecution and processing of Notices of Violation adjudicated before the NYC OATH Hearings Division.


  • Processes summonses or violations issued by DOB inspectors; includes entry into the system and processing the summons/violation to OATH.
  • Prosecutes summonses/violations issued by inspectors at OATH/ECB tribunals across the five boroughs
  • appeals adverse decisions to the OATH/ECB Appeals Board and responds to appeals from those found in violation
  • Processes and reviews Certificates of Correction for approval and assures legal compliance of all submissions
  • Answers public inquiries related to violations
  • Monitors compliance of violations against City-owned properties and provides guidance to City Agencies

Contact the Administrative Enforcement Unit

280 Broadway, 1st Floor
New York, NY 10007
Phone: (212) 393-2405

AEU Email Addresses:

  • General AEU Questions - aeucustomerservice@buildings.nyc.gov
  • General Certificate of Correction and OATH Summons Questions - www.nyc.gov/dobhelp.
  • Disputes Regarding Certificate of Correction (COC) Review - aeudisputes@buildings.nyc.gov
  • AEUHAZ Civil Penalty Refund Requests - aeurefunds@buildings.nyc.gov
  • OATH Hearing Appeals and Discovery - DOB-ECBVioAppeals@buildings.nyc.gov

Affordable Housing Plan Examination

The Affordable Housing Plan Examination Unit ensures the expeditious review of affordable housing projects, in cooperation with the Mayor's Office. Operating out of the Development HUB, the unit has developed standardized procedures to aide in expediting the plan review process for officially designated affordable housing project applications and development inspections.

The unit is staffed by knowledgeable and experienced plan examiners and inspectors who coordinate closely with the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) and other agencies involved in the plan review process.

The office enables:

  • Completion of first plan review within seven (7) days of filing
  • Availability of subsequent plan review appointments within seven (7) days of request
  • Development inspections (construction, electrical, and plumbing) within three (3) days of request
  • Boiler and elevator inspections within five days (5) of request.

Contact the Affordable Housing Plan Examination Unit

80 Centre Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10013
Phone: (212) 393-2850
Email: nycdevelopmenthub@buildings.nyc.gov


The Boiler Unit oversees the installation, operational safety and enforcement inspection compliance of boilers in New York City. The Boiler Technical Unit ensures the safe installation and operation of low- and high-pressure boilers and related equipment by performing inspections and audits. Get more boiler information.


  • Perform initial inspections on boilers, burners, and fuel storage installations
  • responds to A and B boiler complaints
  • responds to all carbon monoxide incidents
  • Conducts special report requests, audit inspections, sealed boiler re-inspections, annual inspection report audits, periodic high-pressure boiler inspections for City agencies
  • Reviews fuel storage plans for self-certified signoffs
  • Meets with the public for administrative signoffs

Read Boiler Frequently Asked Questions to common boilers and boiler violation questions.

Contact the Boiler Unit

280 Broadway, 1st Floor
New York, NY 10007
Email: www.nyc.gov/dobhelp

Boiler Unit Hot Line

Non-Technical Questions
Phone: (212) 393-2661

Boiler Technical Unit

First Test Appointment or other Technical Boiler-related Questions/Issues
Phone: (212) 393-2784

Borough Enforcement Investigations

The Borough Enforcement Investigations (BEI) Unit serves as the quality assurance enforcement liaison to borough offices and special inspection units. BEI develops and manages enforcement actions against individuals, repeat violators, problem buildings, or for specific geographic areas that are in violation of the NYC Building Code and Zoning Resolution.

Buildings Special Investigations

Working alongside the Department of Investigation, the Buildings Special Investigations Unit (BSIU) investigates allegations of misconduct related to individuals and licensees who conduct business with the Department. Working to ensure the integrity of all transactions, the unit generates cases from complaints and initiates the appropriate course of action and/or discipline.

Contact the Buildings Special Investigations Unit

180 Maiden Lane, 19th Floor
New York, NY 10038
Phone: (212) 825-2413

Community Engagement & Programming

The Community Engagement & Programming Unit interacts with and maintains clear lines of communication with elected officials, community partners, and other external stakeholders on a regular basis. The unit represents the agency at meetings and public events with the goal of to educating New Yorkers about NYC Construction Codes and other regulations DOB enforces to ensure public safety and compliance. The team provides quality customer service to reach creative solutions for issues the City's diverse communities face. There are Community Engagement & Programming Unit liaisons in each borough office.

Contact Your Community Engagement & Programming Borough Liaison


Adriana Cabrera (CBs: 1, 4, 5, 7, 11, 12)
Phone: (718) 960-4566
Email: adcabrera@buildings.nyc.gov

Nairobi Lazo-Hayes (CBs: 2, 3, 6, 8, 9, 10)
Phone: (718) 960-2249
Email: nlazohayes@buildings.nyc.gov


Vladimir Edouard (CBs: 2, 6, 17, 18)
Phone: (718) 488-2432
Email: VEdouard@buildings.nyc.gov

Damaris Falero (CBs: 1, 3, 4, 8, 9, 16)
Phone: (718) 802-2236
Email: DFalero@buildings.nyc.gov

Frank Fontana (CBs: 10, 11)
Phone: (718) 420-3591
Email: ffontana@buildings.nyc.gov

Kenneth Lazar (CBs: 5, 7, 12, 13, 14, 15)
Phone: (718) 802-2230
Email: KeLazar@buildings.nyc.gov


Milcah Ann Holmes-Thomas (CBs: 6, 8, 9)
Phone: (212) 323-8946
Email: MHolmesThomas@buildings.nyc.gov

Jennifer McGhee (CB: 2, 3, 11)
Phone: (212) 323-7310
Email: jemcghee@buildings.nyc.gov

Lawrence William (CBs: 1, 5, 10)
Phone: (212) 323-7304
Email: lawwilliam@buildings.nyc.gov

Tirso Tavarez (CBs: 4, 7, 12)
Phone: (212) 393-2488
Email: ttavarez@buildings.nyc.gov 


LuQuan Loyd (CBs: 8, 12, 13, 14)
Phone: (929) 512-0078
Email: lloyd@buildings.nyc.gov

Samuel Schechter (CBs: 3, 4, 7, 9, 11)
Phone: (718) 286-8348
Email: sschechter@buildings.nyc.gov

Salvatore Simonetti (CBs: 1, 2, 5, 6, 10)
Phone: (718) 960-4724
Email: SalSimonetti@buildings.nyc.gov

Staten Island

Frank Fontana (CBs: 1, 2, 3)
Phone: (718) 420-3599
Email: FFontana@buildings.nyc.gov

Concrete Enforcement

The Concrete Enforcement Unit (CEU) supports DOB oversight of all concrete testing at construction projects for public and worker safety. CEU performs Code data outreach to the design and construction industry, enforces against contractors, concrete labs, professionals, and assists the Construction Safety Enforcement Unit. Get additional concrete enforcement information.


  • Site visits and audit of concrete placement activities
  • Inspect and audit Licensed Concrete Laboratories
  • Performs parallel concrete testing of selected construction sites
  • Performs engineering audit of new building and alteration work regarding concrete operations
  • Reviews concrete safety manager qualifications and operations
  • Responds to emergent conditions (concrete blowouts, form failures)
  • Coordinates with DOB Technical Affairs and the Department of Investigation

Contact the Concrete Enforcement Unit

280 Broadway, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10007
Phone: (212) 393-2730
Email: ceu@buildings.nyc.gov

Construction Inspections (Development)

The Construction Inspections Development Unit serves as a point of contact to facilitate safe and compliant development. They conduct construction inspections to ensure compliance of Building Codes and zoning regulations. Field personnel inspect the construction of new buildings and major alterations to existing structures for conformity to approved plans, applicable legislation and current safety standards throughout the five boroughs. If you have questions about the inspection of your development project, please contact the Construction Development Inspection unit in the borough where your project is located.

Contact the Construction Inspections Development Unit in Your Borough

Bronx: (718) 960-4709 | BXConstructionir@buildings.nyc.gov 
Brooklyn: (718) 802-4035 | BKConstructionir@buildings.nyc.gov 
Manhattan: (212) 323-7288 | MNConstructionir@buildings.nyc.gov  
Queens: (718) 286-8360 | QNConstructionir@buildings.nyc.gov 
Staten Island: (718) 420-5416 | SIConstructionir@buildings.nyc.gov

NOTE:The Manhattan Construction Inspections Development Unit is located at One Centre Street, 23rd Floor.

Construction Inspections (Enforcement)

The Construction Inspections Enforcement Unit responds to public complaints and inter-agency referrals regarding illegal construction, structural stability and building use throughout the City. Field personnel inspect the construction of new buildings and major alterations to existing structures for conformity to the approved plans, applicable legislation, current safety standards, and the NYC Building Code and Zoning Resolution. There is a Construction Enforcement Inspection Unit in each borough office.

Contact the Construction Inspections Enforcement Unit in Your Borough

Bronx: (718) 960-4730 | BXConstEnf@buildings.nyc.gov
Brooklyn: (718) 802-3685 | BKConstEnf@buildings.nyc.gov
Manhattan: (212) 323-8079 | MNConstEnf@buildings.nyc.gov
Queens: (718) 286-8380 | QNConstENF@buildings.nyc.gov
Staten Island: (718) 420-5418 | SIConsEnf@buildings.nyc.gov

Construction Safety Compliance

The Construction Safety Compliance (CSC) Unit performs proactive periodic inspections on all active sites with a site safety requirement, scaffold safety inspections and interior/full demolition inspections.

To request an inspection for a pre-demolition/demolition sign-off or a pre-use inspection for a corner-angle suspended scaffold, complete the CSC Appointment Request Form and submit your request to cscuappointments@buildings.nyc.gov

Requests to release site safety requirements from a substantially completed job with a Construction Superintendent, Site Safety Coordinator or Site Safety Manager and sidewalk sheds removal requests are submitted in DOB NOW. See the July 2022 Site Safety Updates for more information

Please read the CSC Frequently Asked Questions and watch the CSC video for more information.

Contact the Construction Safety Compliance Unit

280 Broadway, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10007
Phone: (212) 393-2404 (press 2 for Compliance)

CSC Inspection Appointments
Email: CSCUAppointments@buildings.nyc.gov

CSC Site Safety Standards & Guidance Initiative
Email: ssgsi@buildings.nyc.gov

Request to Combine Permits
Email: CSuper@buildings.nyc.gov

Construction Safety Enforcement

The Construction Safety Enforcement (CSE) Unit conducts emergency inspections and responds to construction incidents and accidents as well as responding to construction complaints and inspections for violations or Stop Work Orders (SWO) issued by the Construction Safety Compliance Unit. The unit also performs technical reviews/audits of construction documents to verify Code compliance.

To request an appointment to get a full or partial SWO rescinded, complete a CSE Appointment Request Form and email the form to cseappointments@buildings.nyc.gov. If you have questions about a violation issued by the CSE Unit or the process for rescinding a full or partial SWO, please email cseinquiry@buildings.nyc.gov.

Contact the Construction Safety Enforcement Unit

280 Broadway, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10007
Phone: (212) 393-2404 (press 1)
Email: cseinquiry@buildings.nyc.gov

Cranes & Derricks

The Cranes & Derricks (C&D) Unit ensures all crane and hoisting work is performed safely per the manufacturer's recommendations and best industry practice, while maintaining the requirements of the Building Code. All cranes, derricks and hoisting equipment must be prototyped and registered with the C&D Unit except delivery truck mounted cranes that are not involved with constructions and derricks with less than one ton lifting capacity. Get additional Cranes & Derricks information.

Contact the Cranes & Derricks Unit

280 Broadway, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10007
 (212) 393-2411
Email: candd@buildings.nyc.gov
See the C&D Holiday Inspection Schedule

  • Report an incident or accident involving a crane or derrick call (212) 393-2127
  • Schedule a crane inspection appointment, a Stop Work Order (SWO) re-inspection or confirmation numbers and notifications call (212) 393-2662
  • Schedule an appointment with a Plan Examiner call (212) 393-2550

Customer Service

The Customer Service Unit is comprised of two units, the Customer Service Team and the Call Center. The Customer Service Team ensures Buildings' customers receive an excellent level of customer service during their interaction with DOB. The Call Center schedules appointments, enters notifications, assists and responds to inquiries about the Department's purpose, programs and processes while serving our customers with courtesy, respect and professionalism.

Contact the Customer Service Unit

Phone: (212) 393-2550
Email: DOBCustomerService@buildings.nyc.gov

Electrical Inspections (Development)

The Electrical Inspections Development Unit facilitates safe and compliant installation of electrical wiring to ensure compliance with the NYC Electrical Code and applicable national regulations. Field personnel inspect electrical installations in new buildings and major alterations to existing structures for conformity to approved plans, applicable legislation and current safety standards throughout the five boroughs. If you have questions about the inspection of your electrical development project, please contact the Electrical Development Inspection unit in the borough where your project is located.

Contact the Electrical Inspections Development Unit in Your Borough

Bronx: (718) 960-4750 | BXElectricalIR@buildings.nyc.gov
Brooklyn: (718) 802-4342 | BKElectricalIR@buildings.nyc.gov
Manhattan: (212) 323-7286 | MNElectricalIR@buildings.nyc.gov
Queens: (718) 286-7650 | QNElectricalIR@buildings.nyc.gov
Staten Island: (718) 420-3575 | SIElectricalIR@buildings.nyc.gov

NOTE: The Manhattan Electrical Inspections Development Unit is located at One Centre Street, 23rd Floor. All other units are located at the borough office.

Electrical Enforcement

The Electrical Enforcement Unit enforces the requirements of the NYC Electrical Code and applicable national regulations. Our highly skilled electrical inspectors respond to public complaints, industry referrals and special interagency inspection requests. They verify licensed and unlicensed electrical installation and/or defective wiring throughout five boroughs.

Contact the Electrical Enforcement Unit

One Centre Street, 23rd Floor
New York, NY 10007
Phone: (212) 393-2417


The Elevator Unit ensures the operational safety, reliable service and lawful use of elevators, escalators, moving walks, personnel hoists, amusement rides and other related vertical transportation devices throughout New York City by performing/witnessing inspections and testing. The unit provides the public prompt, accurate and transparent information on all elevator administrative processes and procedures. Read the Elevator Violations Frequently Asked Questions for more information.


  • Processes elevator applications and permits
  • Data entry of inspection and test reports, DOB & PVT violations and NYCHA reports
  • Scheduling and coordinating Acceptance Tests
  • Records management (filing & retrieving)
  • Permits new technologies under pilot programs
  • Hosts forums for elevator companies and expeditors

Amusement Ride Incident/Accident Reporting

Contact the unit between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm va email at amuserides_incidents@buildings.nyc.gov. During other times the unit can be reached at amuserides_incidentsafterhours_DL@buildings.nyc.gov.

Expedited Elevator Inspections

  1. Place a request in DOB NOW: Inspections and type expedited inspection in the comment field/box with the requested date
  2. Pay for an expedited inspection request (via DOB cashier at 280 Broadway)
  3. Complete an ELV22 form 
  4. Email the receipt and completed ELV22 form to ElevatorReceipts@buildings.nyc.gov

Temporary Elevator (Construction) Certificate Renewals

To obtain a Temporary Elevator (Construction) Certificate Renewal, submit a copy of the following:

  1. Completed ELV21 form 
  2. Current inspection Certificate
  3. Email the receipt and completed ELV21 form to ElevatorReceipts@buildings.nyc.gov 

Contact the Elevator Unit

2 Lafayette, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10007

Elevator Technical Inquiries: elevatortechnical@buildings.nyc.gov
Technical Hotline: (212) 602-0400
Cease-Use Lift Inspection Requests & Inspection Cancellations: ElevatorIR@buildings.nyc.gov 
90 Day Drop Test, Jumps, Jump Downs, Removals for old devices, Personnel Hoist: hoist@buildings.nyc.gov
General & Non-Technical Inquiries: (212) 393-2144
Permit & Application Inquiries: (212) 393-2555
Email: www.nyc.gov/dobhelp

Emergency Response Team

The Emergency Response Team (ERT) provides rapid response in all emergencies requiring DOB's response to ensure compliance of NYC Building Codes, rules, and regulations for the safety of all New Yorkers. ERT is the DOB's primary source for the incident command, operating 24/7 365 with daytime and nighttime inspectors, and three OEM Watch Command representatives located at OEM headquarters. The unit is responsible for the citywide 'A' complaint response during normal business hours, non-business hours, and holidays; performs special enforcement sweeps; and handles all after hour inquires/complaints. Learn more about the Emergency Response Team.

Façade & Local Law

The Façade & Local Law Unit coordinates and monitors the enforcement of the Building Code, Local Laws 16/84 (Fire Safety), 26/04 (Fire Safety) and RCNY 103-04 (Façade Law). The unit ensures all buildings in the FISP universe are maintained and that the Fire Safety Code is adhered to by all occupants. Additionally, the unit conducts façade and fire safety inspections to verify compliance; scan and archive reports filed with the unit; issues administrative DOB and OATH violations; issues summonses and enforces Commissioner's Orders. Get more Façade & Local Law information.

Contact the Façade & Local Law Unit

280 Broadway, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10007
(212) 393-2551 (assistance calculating civil penalties, Local Law 11 inquiries and other façade issues)
Email: facades@buildings.nyc.gov 
Customer Service Window Hours: 8:30 am to 12:00 pm, Monday through Friday (except holidays) for in-person and drop-off transactions
Customer Service Phone Hours: 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday (except holidays)

Forensic Engineering

The Forensic Engineering Unit (FEU) responds in real time to construction-injuries, fatalities, fire damage, egress issues and collapsed buildings or buildings in imminent danger of collapse, collapse of cranes or retaining walls or excavations are considered top priority. The Unit services all DOB's emergency response special engineering needs and efforts with the Law Department, Landmarks, NYCHA, NYC Parks Department, OEM, NYPD, FDNY, FBI, and FDNY Marshals. In addition, FEU frequently supports agencies including DOI and the NYC Court on request. Watch the FEU video for more information.

Contact the Forensic Engineering Unit

Phone: (212) 393-2720

General Counsel

The General Counsel's Office is an advisory office on a broad range of matters involving all aspects of the Agency's functions. The unit advising on Construction Code and zoning interpretations, State laws, licensing, contracts, and conflict of interest issues. The unit defends the DOB's determinations at the Board of Standards and Appeals, drafts and/or reviews rules, legislation and policies and procedures, FOIL/subpoenas, and works closely with the NYC Law Department on litigation and other matters.

Contact the General Counsel's Office

General: (212) 393-2085
FOIL: (212) 393-2104

House Connections

The House Connections Unit inspects sanitary, storm, and combined sewers within a property, as well as detention tanks, yard drains, septic tanks and new sewer construction. When applying for a permit, only a Licensed Master Plumber can submit the application, which consists of a House Connection Proposal or Site Connection Proposal. Both are drafted by a Professional Engineer or a Registered Architect. To request a House Connection Inspection email the unit at HouseconnectionIR@buildings.nyc.gov. Get more House Connections information.

Internal Affairs & Discipline

Internal Affairs & Discipline (IAD) identifies, investigates, and disciplines employees who engage in misconduct related to their official duties. Complaints may be filed anonymously. IAD handles non-criminal allegations of employee misconduct; conducts background investigations on newly hired and prospective Department employees; provides mandatory integrity training to new employees; and conducts routine quality assurance checks of Inspectors in the field. In addition, IAD works closely with the NYC Department of Investigation to help maintain the integrity of the Department.

Contact Internal Affairs & Discipline

Phone: (212) 393-2900
Email: IADComplaintBox@buildings.nyc.gov
Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday (except holidays)

Licensing & Exams

The Licensing & Exams Unit administers all stages of construction trade licensing, including license issuance, renewal, insurance updates and license exams. The unit processes over 25 different types of licenses and registrations to ensure compliance with the New York City Administrative Code and various Rules of the City of New York. Most applicants are investigated prior to license issuance or license renewal.

Contact the Licensing & Exams Unit

280 Broadway, 1st Floor
New York, NY 10007
Phone: (212) 393-2259 from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Email: licensingdob@buildings.nyc.gov
Customer Service Window Hours:  9:00 am to 4:00 pm (by appointment only)
Get more Licensing & Exams Unit information.

Limited Alteration Application

The Limited Alteration Application (LAA) Unit reviews DOB NOW applications for plumbing work, fire suppression piping replacement and repairs, and oil burner installations that do not include construction work. Apart from some minor new installations, LAA work is generally restricted to repair and/or replacement of existing equipment and does not require a Professional Engineer (PE) or a Registered Architect (RA). Learn more about Limited Alteration Applications.

Contact the Limited Alteration Application Unit

Phone: (212) 393-2406
Email: www.nyc.gov/dobhelp

Loft Board

The Loft Law established a comprehensive framework for the conversion of Interim Multiple Dwellings (IMD) buildings to safe residences and compels landlords to bring these spaces up to the minimum standards of the New York City building code for residential occupancy, i.e., to legalize the buildings. The NYC Loft Board is charged with the responsibility to oversee the legalization process of IMD buildings. Learn more about the NYC Loft Board.

Contact the Loft Board

280 Broadway, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10007
 (212) 393-2616
Fax: (646) 500-6169
Email: NYCLoftBoard@buildings.nyc.gov

Multiple Dwellings Inspection Unit

The Multiple Dwellings Inspection Unit (MDI) investigates allegations of unlicensed trade activity, including plumbing, electrical, and all other trades, to develop cases for both civil and criminal prosecution of bad actors. The unit coordinates enforcement efforts with other City agencies and provides testimony to law enforcement and prosecutors against property owners. In addition, MDI works with the Tenant Harassment Task Force and the NYS Attorney General to bring criminal cases for tenant harassment. Learn more about MDI.

Contact MDI

Phone: (212) 393-2930

Office of Alternative Energy

The Office of Alternative Energy Unit (OAE) was established pursuant to AC 28-103.33 to streamline the process for obtaining the necessary approvals to install and maintain alternative energy projects (AEP), from the Department and other relevant agencies. Learn more about the Alternative Energy process.

Contact OAE

Phone: (212) 393-2626
Email: OAE@buildings.nyc.gov

Office of Technical Certification & Research

The Office of Technical Certification & Research Unit (OTCR) oversees technical certifications of approved agencies and entities performing inspections, tests, material approvals and evaluates new technology that enhances safety, sustainability and efficiency. Learn more about Technical Certification and Research.

Contact OTCR

Phone: (212) 393-2626
Email: OTCR@buildings.nyc.gov

Office of the Tenant Advocate

The Office of the Tenant Advocate (OTA), established by Local Law 161 of 2017, serves as a resource to tenants who are affected by work in occupied multiple dwellings. Tenants may contact OTA with comments, questions and complaints concerning construction in occupied multiple dwellings. Tenants may also contact OTA if they have questions or concerns related to Tenant Protection Plans.

Contact the Office of the Tenant Advocate

Phone: (212) 393-2949
Email: TenantAdvocate@buildings.nyc.gov

Padlock Enforcement

The Padlock Enforcement Unit enforces the City’s Administrative Code and Zoning Resolution to protect our quality of life and prevent dangerous conditions. The Unit stops illegal manufacturing and commercial uses in residential neighborhoods and certain commercial districts. Get more padlock information.

Contact the Padlock Enforcement Unit

Phone: (212) 393-2622
Email: padlock@buildings.nyc.gov

Parking Structures

The Parking Structures Unit (PSU) coordinates and monitors the enforcement of NYC Administrative Code §28-323 for the periodic inspection and filing of compliance reports for parking structures which went into effect January 1, 2022 per Local Law 126 of 2021. PSU reviews the buildings owner’s engineer’s submitted engineering parking structure reports on a six-year cycle, inspects parking structures to confirm submitted engineering reports, and reviews assessment programs developed by the owner's engineer. Get more Parking Structures information.

Contact the Parking Structures Unit

280 Broadway, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10007
Phone: (212) 393-2551
Email: parkingstructures@buildings.nyc.gov

Plumbing Inspections (Development)

The Plumbing Inspections Development Unit performs inspections of gas, mechanical, and plumbing systems when an owner or authorized agent intends to construct, add to, alter, repair, move, demolish, or change the piping of a building, or intends to erect, install, add to, alter, repair, remove, convert or replace any gas, mechanical, or plumbing systems.

All permits and applications are filed by a Registered Design Professional (PE/RA), Licensed Master Fire Suppression Contractor (LMFSC), or Licensed Master Plumber (LMP) in DOB NOW: Build. Some forms may require the property or business owner’s signature.

After the permitted work is completed, the Unit performs an inspection to verify the installation and the materials used are in accordance with the approved plans. To obtain an inspection appointment, visit DOB NOW: Inspections and get step-by-step user manuals on how to submit your inspection request on the DOB NOW: Inspections Resources page.

Contact the Plumbing Inspections Development Unit in Your Borough

Bronx: (718) 960-4720 | BXPlumbingIR@buildings.nyc.gov
Brooklyn: (718) 802-3723 | BKPlumbingIR@buildings.nyc.gov
Manhattan: (212) 323-7287 | MNPlumbingIR@buildings.nyc.gov
Queens: (718) 286-8350 | QNPlumbingIR@buildings.nyc.gov
Staten Island: (718) 420-5418 | SIPlumbingIR@buildings.nyc.gov

NOTE:The Manhattan Plumbing Inspections Development Unit is located at One Centre Street, 23rd Floor. All other units are located at the borough office.

Plumbing Inspections (Enforcement)

The Plumbing Enforcement Unit performs inspections of new and/or altered plumbing, gas, and fire suppression system(s). Our inspectors address public complaints; interagency, utility and industry enforcement referrals pertaining to illegal work and system maintenance. We perform field spot-checks and office audits of professionally certified Plumbing and Fire Suppression Work Types.

All permits and applications are filed by a Registered Design Professional (PE/RA), Licensed Master Fire Suppression Contractor (LMFSC), or Licensed Master Plumber (LMP) in DOB NOW: Build. Some forms may require the property or business owner’s signature.

After the permitted work is completed, the Unit performs an inspection to verify the installation and the materials used are in accordance with the approved plans. To obtain an inspection appointment, visit DOB NOW: Inspections and get step-by-step user manuals on how to submit an inspection request on the DOB NOW: Inspections Resources page.

Contact the Plumbing Enforcement Unit

Phone: (212) 393-2557
General Inquiries and Self-Certification Reinstatement: PlumbingEnfIR@buildings.nyc.gov

NOTE: To restore self-certification rights to the newly acquired plumber, a notarized superseding letter should to be sent to PlumbingEnfIR@buildings.nyc.gov for review.  Contents of the superseding letter mustinclude:

  • the existing plumbing permit showing the new plumber’s information; and
  • a statement that the owner has released the previous plumber and has acquired a new plumber. 

Stop Work Order Re-inspection Appointments: PlumbingSWO@buildings.nyc.gov

To report an unsafe condition or make a general inquiry about gas piping inspections, contact, LL152of16@buildings.nyc.gov. For more information about Local Law 152 of 2016, visit the Periodic Gas Piping System Inspections page.

Press Office

The Press Office is responsible for distributing public information regarding DOB, its operations and its employees. The primary goal of the unit is to develop messaging that promotes the Agency’s mission of ensuring the safe and lawful use of buildings and properties through the enforcement of the New York City Construction Codes and the Zoning Resolution. The unit also works towards establishing and maintaining relationships with various media outlets and stakeholders by providing accurate, timely and consistent information.

Contact the Press Office

Phone: (212) 393-2126
Email: DOBcommunications@buildings.nyc.gov

Quality of Life Task Force

The Quality of Life (QOL) Task Force conducts field inspections in response to illegal conversion complaints. The unit inspects the premises for potentially hazardous conditions involving illegal conversions and issues various types of enforcement orders for non-compliance, including possible Vacate Orders.

Contact the Quality of Life Taskforce:

Bronx: (718) 960-4730 | BXConstEnf@buildings.nyc.gov
Brooklyn: (718) 802-3685 | BKConstEnf@buildings.nyc.gov
Manhattan: (212) 323-8079 | MNConstEnf@buildings.nyc.gov
Queens: (718) 286-8380 | QNConstENF@buildings.nyc.gov
Staten Island: (718) 420-5418 | SIConsEnf@buildings.nyc.gov

Real-Time Enforcement

The Real-Time Enforcement (RTE) Unit tracks, monitors and responds to complaints related to work without a permit in occupied multiple dwellings. The unit conducts proactive inspections of all type 1 and 2 alterations in occupied multiple dwellings. These inspections are done within 72 hours of starting permitted work. Real-time Enforcement inspectors issue violation notices and Stop Work Orders as needed and respond to immediately hazardous complaints within 12 hours. Watch the Real-Time Enforcement video for more information.

Contact the Real-Time Enorcement Unit

Phone: (212) 393-6660
Email: rteu@buildings.nyc.gov
Hours: 8:00 am to 11:00 pm, Monday through Friday (except holidays)

Retaining Wall

The Retaining Wall Unit (RWU) coordinates and monitors the enforcement of NYC Administrative Code §28-305.4 for structural retaining walls over 10' high on the public way. RWU assists the NYC Parks Department with their retaining wall portfolio, reviews owner submitted engineering retaining wall reports on a five-year cycle, inspects retaining walls to confirm submitted engineering reports, reviews assessment programs developed by the owner's engineer, and manages/organizes the annual Retaining Wall No Penalty Program. Get more Retaining Wall information.

Contact the Retaining Wall Unit

Email: LretainingWalls@buildings.nyc.gov

Sidewalk Shed Monitoring & Removal

The Sidewalk Shed Monitoring & Removal (SSMR) Unit focuses on buildings that have had sidewalk sheds installed for over 5 years, indicating either a lack of maintenance by the building owner or stalled façade alteration work. These sheds serve as protective barriers for pedestrians, indicating potential hazards above. The SSMR team conducts mandated, proactive inspections to assess the condition of building façades with long-standing sheds. Get more sidewalk shed information.

Contact the Sidewalk Shed Monitoring & Removal Unit

Phone:(212) 393-2551

Sign Enforcement

The Sign Enforcement Unit regulates outdoor signage on buildings and premises in New York City. The unit enforces the City’s sign regulations outlined in the NYC Construction Codes, the NYC Zoning Resolution and the Rules of the City of New York to reduce visual clutter and protect people from dangerously installed signs.

The unit does not issue permits or provide information as to the allowable placement of advertising signage. Information regarding the size of signs and where signs can be erected, may be obtained from the Department of City Planning Help Desk at (212) 720-3291. Sign permit information is available at a DOB borough office in the borough where the sign is intended to be located. Learn more about sign enforcement.

Contact the Sign Enforcement Unit

Phone: (212) 393-2622
Email: signinfo@buildings.nyc.gov

Special Enforcement Team

The Special Enforcement Team (SET) audits selected applications and special inspection/progress inspection/TR1 reports to ensure compliance with the Building Code, the Zoning Resolution, the Rules of the City of New York and Department procedures. Following the audits, SET prosecutes enforcement actions against non-compliant design professionals (architects and engineers).

Contact the Special Enforcement Unit

Phone: (212) 393-2299

Special Enforcement Program

The Special Enforcement Program (SEP) - Professional Certification Audits & Inspections Unit performs audit of Professionally Certified D14 (not reviewed by borough) and Plan Examined D14 (limited plan examination) job filings which are selected from jobs with first permit issued 60 days prior to selection. SEP ascertains compliance of jobs filed (permitted), with the NYC Zoning Resolution, NYC Building Code, NYS Multiple Dwelling Law, 2012 NYCECC and other applicable Codes, laws as well as compliance with the accessibility requirements. The selected job audits are first inspected to verify compliance with approved and permitted drawings. In addition, the unit checks the abuses of applicants in the use of the Professional Certification option of job filing and inspects illegal conditions such as work done without any application and those that are not indicated in the permitted drawings.

Contact SEP

Phone: (718) 286-8370

Special Operations

The Special Operations Unit performs proactive safety inspections and special situation inspections at the request of senior management. Special Operations is a high-volume inspection and violation issuing unit that conducts mostly mandated inspections: annual public school inspections, hazardous re-inspections (Class 1 violations), parking garage inspections, padlock/signs, Unsafe Building Surveys, Certificate of Correction audits, joint inspections with FDNY; and Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK). Watch the Special Operations video for more information.

Contact the Special Operations Unit

Phone: (212) 393-2412
Email: SpecialOperations@buildings.nyc.gov

Structurally Compromised Buildings

The Structurally Compromised Buildings (SCB) Unit coordinates and monitors the enforcement of NYC Administrative Code §28-216.12 and NYC Rule §102-03. The team assembles/develops the SCB database, review annual engineering reports from the owner regarding the SCB, inspect SCB to confirm engineering report details and perform industry outreach.

Contact the SCB Unit

Email: scbinfo@buildings.nyc.gov

Sustainability Enforcement

The Sustainability Enforcement Unit is responsible for implementing the Local Laws that began under the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan and were first introduced in 2009. These laws are: Energy Audits & Retro-commissioning (LL87/09), Lighting Upgrades & Sub-metering (LL88/09, modified by LL132/16 and LL134/16), Energy and Water Use Benchmarking (LL84/09, modified by LL133/16 and LL33/18), and the Energy Code (LL85/09). The Sustainability Enforcement unit works to ensure compliance of these Local Laws to meet the City's goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050. Watch the Sustainability Enforcement video to learn more.

Contact the Sustainability Enforcement Unit

Benchmarking: sustainability@buildings.nyc.gov
Energy Audits & Retro-commissioning: LL87@buildings.nyc.gov
Energy Code Inspections: energycodeinspections@buildings.nyc.gov

Triage Command

Triage Command (Executive Inspections) handles a variety of special enforcement requests. We coordinate high level inspections, safety sweeps and investigations working closely with FDNY, NYPD, HPD, DOI, Mayor's Office, and other government agencies. Triage Command manages the referral process by screening and assigning every request to an appropriate enforcement unit.

Contact Triage Command

Phone: (212) 393-2347

Unsafe Buildings

The Department initiates proceedings in New York State Court against vacant, unsafe buildings throughout the five boroughs. The Unsafe Buildings (UB) Unit prosecutes these cases under the provisions of the Administrative Code (AC) of the City of New York set forth in AC Sections 28-216.1 through 28-216.11. Read Frequently Asked Questions. Learn more about Unsafe Buildings.

Contact the Unsafe Buildings Unit

Phone: (212) 393-2102
UB Fee Collections: (212) 393-2067
UB Hotline: (212) 393-2131

Contact 311 to make a complaint about a construction site. For a life threatening emergency, call 911.  

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