DOB NOW: Build

DOB NOW: Build, is the online platform for Professional Engineers (P.E.), Registered Architects (R.A.), Licensees, Special Inspectors, Progress Inspectors, Filing Representatives and Owners to submit jobs to the Department of Buildings.

DOB NOW: Build is currently available for the following areas:

  • Alteration filings (GC, FO, EA, SE and PMM) (FAQ and Resources)
  • New Buildings, Alteration-CO and Occupancy for BIS Jobs filings (FAQ and Resources)
  • Place of Assembly and Temporary Place of Assembly filings (FAQ and Resources)
  • Plumbing, Sprinkler and Standpipe filings (FAQ and Resources)
  • Sidewalk Shed, Supported Scaffold, Fence and Sign filings (FAQ and Resources)

Log into DOB NOW

You need an eFiling account to use DOB NOW: Build. If you already have an eFiling account, you can use the email and password to log into DOB NOW. If you need to register for an account, visit the Registration Information page for additional information.

After registering for an account in eFiling, you can use DOB NOW: Build to:

  • File jobs and submit fees online
  • View and search information related to your jobs and permits
  • Upload documents
  • View objections
  • Schedule and review objections with a plan examiner in a virtual meeting
  • Receive emails at milestones throughout the application process
  • File Post Approval Amendments (PAA)
  • Make Corrections
  • Pull and print After Hour Variances
  • Pull and print work permits
  • Receive Letters of Completion by email.

Search for DOB NOW: Build filings

Jobs filed in DOB NOW: Build will not appear in BIS. You can access this information through the DOB NOW Public Portal or through the City’s Open Data Portal.

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