Concrete Enforcement

Concrete placed at any building (with limited exceptions) under construction in New York City is required to be tested to ensure the concrete meets the structural design requirements for the project. The Concrete Enforcement Unit (CEU) supports the Agency’s oversight of all concrete structural placements, inspections of concrete formwork, auditing of concrete testing laboratories, performance of concrete parallel testing and the review and approval of concrete mix design and inspection reports. 

CEU inspects a percentage of active NB construction sites, responds to concrete-related incidents and complaints, reviews TR3P mix design forms and lab data, inspects all NYC licensed concrete laboratories twice annually, and conducts structural audits of a percentage of construction work within the five boroughs of NYC. CEU enforces Building Code requirements for concrete operations (material placements, formwork installation, shoring, re-shoring, etc.), quality control, special inspections, structural design, and safeguards during construction.


Industry Notices


Permits that Exclude Concrete Operations

Applicants may be ready to obtain a permit to begin work before they are ready to begin concrete operations. The Department allows applicants to obtain a permit that authorizes work but prohibits concrete operations until concrete requirements are met.

Without submitting the TR2, TR3, concrete subcontractor information and concrete safety manager information, applicants may receive an initial permit and one permit renewal that excludes concrete operations.

A job cannot be signed-off unless all applicable concrete requirements have been met, including submission of the TR2, TR3, and concrete subcontractor information.


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Concrete Testing Laboratories

Concrete Testing Laboratories are licensed to test and inspect concrete to be used in construction. Learn more about:

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