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Fact Sheets for Common Issues/Case Types

Responding to a Summons at OATH (Español) (اللغة العربية) (বাংলা) (中文) (Français) (Kreyòl) (한국어) (Polskie) (Русском) (اردو) (Punjabi) (Tibetan) (Wolof)


Resources for Researching the Laws of NYC


What is a Summons? (Español) (اللغة العربية) (বাংলা) (中文) (Français) (Kreyòl) (한국어) (Polskie) (Русском) (اردو)


What to do When You Have Been Found in Violation by “Default” (Español) (اللغة العربية) (বাংলা) (中文) (Français) (Kreyòl) (한국어) (Polskie) (Русском) (اردو)


Information for Small Businesses


Information for Restaurant Owners (Español) (اللغة العربية) (বাংলা) (中文) (Français) (Kreyòl) (한국어) (Polskie) (Русском) (اردو)


Filing an Appeal at OATH


Arguing for a Dismissal or Penalty Reduction in the “Interest of Justice” (Español) (اللغة العربية) (বাংলা) (中文) (Français) (Kreyòl) (한국어) (Polskie) (Русском) (اردو)


NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (“DCWP”) Settlements (Español) (اللغة العربية) (বাংলা) (中文) (Français) (Kreyòl) (한국어) (Polskie) (Русском) (اردو)


NYC Department of Buildings (“DOB”) Stipulations (Español) (اللغة العربية) (বাংলা) (中文) (Français) (Kreyòl) (한국어) (Polskie) (Русском) (اردو)


NYC Department of Buildings (“DOB”) Cure


NYC Department of Buildings (“DOB”) Certificates of Correction (Español) (اللغة العربية) (বাংলা) (中文) (Français) (Kreyòl) (한국어) (Polskie) (Русском) (اردو)


NYC Department of Buildings (“DOB”) “Failure to Comply” Summons


NYC Department of Buildings (“DOB”) “Failure to Maintain” Summons


Helpful Information for Food Vendors/Food Carts (Español) (اللغة العربية) (বাংলা) (中文)


Helpful Information for Haircutters, Hair Salons, and Barbershops (Español) (اللغة العربية) (বাংলা) (中文) (Français) (Kreyòl) (한국어) (Polskie) (Русском) (اردو)


Helpful Information for Nail Salons (Español) (中文) (한국어)


Summonses Where Your Property Was Taken Away (Español) (اللغة العربية) (বাংলা) (中文) (Français) (Kreyòl) (한국어) (Polskie) (Русском) (اردو)


Fact Sheets for OATH’s Trials Division


Rights of Self-Represented Parties (Español) (اللغة العربية) (বাংলা) (中文) (Français) (Kreyòl) (한국어) (Polskie) (Русском) (اردو) A guide to learn more about what to expect if you are representing yourself at the Trials Division.


Vehicle Seizure Trials at OATH (Español) (اللغة العربية) (বাংলা) (中文) (Français) (Kreyòl) (한국어) (Polskie) (Русском) (اردو)