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If You Do Not Have A Lawyer or A Paid, Professional, Registered Representative:

OATH will provide you with the opportunity to speak with an OATH Procedural Justice Coordinator (PJC) who can provide you with legal information and resources to help you prepare for your case. These individuals can provide you with information about the hearing process, the options available to you, and answer questions that you may have. These individuals *cannot* provide you with legal advice. All appointments must be conducted prior to the day of your hearing. Free foreign language services are available upon request.

In order to schedule an appointment with one of these individuals, please email us using this Online Contact Form or call us at (212) 436-0845.

*Please note, the Help Center phone line can only provide help with arranging a PJC consultation. If requesting assistance from the Help Center, please either send an email or call the number above. Please do not do both. The above telephone number will not be manned by a live person. You will have an opportunity to leave a voice message with your contact information. Either method chosen, you will be contacted within the next business day of sending your email or leaving your voice message. * For questions about your hearing or payment, email or call (844) OATH-NYC (628-4692).

Avoid Scams! Please note that all emails that come from OATH have the email address of Any other communications that come from other email addresses like ones that have a or other commercial email address are not from OATH and should not be considered a communication from OATH. If you were contacted by someone misrepresenting themselves as an OATH employee, please contact the Clerk’s Office by email.