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Community Affairs

Deputy Commissioner of Community Affairs Mark T. Stewart

Deputy Commissioner of Community Affairs: Mark T. Stewart

Deputy Commissioner Community Affairs plays a critical role in the department's refocused approach to achieving and sustaining gains against crime by strengthening community relationships and trust. The bureau partners with community leaders, civic organizations, block associations, and concerned citizens to educate them on police policies and practices, and to develop solutions to challenges that arise within the city's many diverse communities. Community Affairs also provides young people with enrichment, diversion, and intervention programs, helping to reduce youth crime. Community affairs officers, crime prevention officers, and youth officers are assigned to each police precinct and stay closely connected with the community.

Community Affairs oversees five divisions: Community Affairs Section, Community Outreach Division, Crime Prevention Division, Youth Strategies Division, and School Safety Division, which provide a number of community-related programs and educational videos. It issues crime prevention tips that help prevent community members from being victimized. Community Affairs also participates in local and national annual events. For additional information about the work of the Community Affairs or the programs it provides, please contact Community Affairs by email at, visit the Community Affairs officer at a local police precinct, or call 646-610-5323.

Community Outreach Division develops strong partnerships with communities likely to experience challenges, and works to resolve these issues through the division's liaison units. Department members introduce various communities to the many NYPD programs and other services offered by other city agencies as part of the department's ongoing efforts to enhance quality of life and to reduce fear and crime. The division's outreach units, listed below, stay closely linked with various groups through meetings and events, and foster tolerance and understanding among diverse communities.

Crime Prevention Division informs community members and local businesses about crime trends and threats, and works with them on preventive measures and security. Crime prevention officers provide valuable information about a number of topics, including safeguarding businesses, homes, vehicles, and personal property, as well as protecting oneself in the subway, while shopping or on the street, and against identity theft and bogus solicitations. Officers also conduct free confidential security surveys for businesses and provide VIN etching for vehicles and etching on personal property. Visit Property Protection Services, Security and Safety Services, and Crime Prevention Tips for additional information.

Youth Strategies Division focuses on the well-being of the city's young people, working collaboratively with various department commands and other agencies to prevent and reduce youth crime and victimization. Department members also identify "at-risk" youth and design diversion, intervention, and educational programs for these groups. Please visit our youth services section to learn more about the programs Community Affairs provides for young people, or learn about the services from your local precinct's youth officer.

School Safety Division works with the city's Department of Education to provide a safe environment for public school students that is conducive to learning, and a place where students, faculty, and other personnel can be free from any hostility or disruptions. NYPD school safety agents, assigned to every New York City public school, receive 17 weeks of training at the police academy in various disciplines. Police officers are assigned to schools that are more likely to experience conflict. Division staff members continually monitor existing strategies for effectiveness and implement new ones as needed.

School Safety Public Awareness Bulletin

Community Affairs Section is comprised of Community Affairs Officers assigned to Patrol Precincts and Police Services Areas citywide. Their primary role is establishing and maintaining dialogue with the community, its leaders and families. In addition, Community Affairs Section Officers collaborate, community-based organizations, with non-for profit organizations, and other units within the department. Click here to find a listing of Community Affairs Officers in each Precinct by Borough..