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Deputy Commissioner Michael Gerber

Deputy Commissioner, Legal Matters:
Michael Gerber

The NYPD Legal Bureau provides assistance to law enforcement personnel regarding department legal matters. The bureau assists members of the service in interpreting and enforcing state, federal, and local laws; ensures that the policies and practices of the department are lawful and are fairly applied; develops legislation in accordance with the needs of the Department and public safety concerns; and furthers the quality of life of New Yorkers and visitors through the focused and aggressive use of civil enforcement remedies. The Legal Bureau oversees several units and sections.

Telephone Numbers

Legal Bureau 646-610-5400
Civil Enforcement Unit 646-610-4500
Document Production Unit/FOIL 646-610-5296
License Division 646-610-5560

Legal Bureau Subunits

  • Civil Enforcement Unit (CEU) staff use nuisance abatement and forfeiture laws to successfully tackle quality of life crimes.
  • Criminal Section advises members of the service on criminal law matters.
  • Civil Section serves as in-house counsel to the department on all civil legal issues.
  • Legislative Affairs Unit is responsible for all aspects of the department's participation in the legislative process at the federal, state, and local levels.
  • Document Production/FOIL reviews formal requests from individuals seeking department records.
  • Police Action Litigation Section (PALS) serves as a liaison to all members of the NYPD facing litigation stemming from police action.
  • Privacy Matters Unit is responsible for issuing Department-wide guidance regarding the collection, disclosure, and retention of identifying information maintained by the Department

Legal Filings

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