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Public Information

Deputy Commissioner Public Information: Tarik Sheppard

The Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Public Information (DCPI), works with local, national, and international media organizations to provide the most accurate and timely information to the public. DCPI is also responsible for communication, reputational management, and facilitating citywide news coverage for members of the press.

Members of DCPI are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist members of the media with stories, breaking news, or other inquiries they may have. Members of DCPI also respond to events in New York City that generate a large media presence, such as major crime scenes, parades, demonstrations, and disasters, to provide the most accurate and timely information and to facilitate briefings or press conferences for reporters. DCPI also advises the Police Commissioner and the department’s senior leadership on communication and reputation.

Members of the media can reach DCPI at 646-610-6700 or via email.


DCPI regularly trains recruits, newly promoted members of the department, and facilitates training for executives on building strong relationships with the media, briefing reporters, writing, and the importance of the media in communicating with the public. DCPI also assists other police departments and government organizations with training on media and reputation.