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Chief John Benoit

Chief of Personnel: John Benoit

The Personnel Bureau oversees recruitment, personnel selection, and manages Human Resources for the NYPD. Its responsibilities extend to managing approximately 51,000 Department members, overseeing personnel monitoring, assessment, employee development, and providing employee assistance.

As part of the Department’s recruitment initiatives, the Personnel Bureau actively pursues, selects, and places the most skilled candidates who mirror the diverse population of the City, aiming to bolster the Department in addressing its continuously growing challenges and intricate mission. Both uniformed and civilian applicants undergo a thorough screening process for selection.

Other functions of the Personnel Bureau include:

  • Participating in the development and execution of the Department’s staffing plan
  • Screening applicants for all positions within the agency
  • Participating in the development of programs to improve employee satisfaction, well-being, morale, and employee performance
  • Maintaining the personnel data for all employees
  • Overseeing the publication of all personnel transactions from pre-employment screening through retirement or separation
  • Conducting research and analysis regarding personnel data, policies and programs