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Chief John Benoit

Chief of Personnel: John Benoit

The Personnel Bureau is responsible for the recruitment and selection of personnel and for managing the human resource functions of the NYPD. Additional functions of the bureau include employee management of approximately 51,000 members of the department, monitoring and assessment, training and development, and employee assistance.

As part of the department's recruitment efforts, the Personnel Bureau seeks, selects, and appoints the most qualified candidates that are reflective of the City's diverse population, to support the department's ever-increasing challenges and complex mission. Uniformed and civilian applicants are selected through a rigorous screening process.

The bureau oversees the Candidate Assessment Division, Human Resources Division, Medical Division, Personnel Orders Division, and the Office of the Supervising Chief Surgeon.

Other functions of the Personnel Bureau include:

  • Developing a comprehensive staffing plan;
  • Processing applicants for various jobs within the department;
  • Developing programs designed to improve employee motivation, satisfaction, efficiency and productivity;
  • Maintaining personnel records;
  • Publishing personnel assignments, transfers, and other personnel transactions;
  • Researching and analyzing personnel data, policies, and programs;
  • Coordinating and implementing special projects, policies, and programs as they relate to personnel, training, performance, as well as operational and productivity issues; and,
  • Monitoring compliance with all EEO guidelines.

The bureau continually reviews the department's personnel policies and procedures to maintain efficiency and compliance with all employment laws.