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Clergy Liaisons

The Clergy Liaison Program is a partnership between the New York City Police Department and clergy leaders who have established a strong relationship with the NYPD in order to improve public safety and police community relations throughout New York City.

Participants close connections to the community place them in a unique position to identify and intervene in community issues early on, acting as a link between the department and the people they serve. They are an invaluable ally in the department's mission to improve quality of life in New York City.

NYPD Clergy Liaisons are nominated by precinct, transit, and public service area commanders, and once selected, are expected to participate in various events such as: precinct roll calls, Community Council meetings, and other important NYPD community events. Clergy Liaisons play a role in recruiting for Auxiliary Police, Law Enforcement Explorers, and the Ride-Along Program. In order to be selected as a Clergy Liaison, prospective candidates attend the 10-week Citizen's Police Academy program prior to applying.

How to Apply

Contact your local NYPD precinct community affairs officer, police service area, or transit district, or call (646) 610-5323.