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Security and Safety Services

The NYPD provides a number of services to help increase awareness around public safety concerns. These services are offered free of charge to the general public. They include lectures on a wide range of topics, including identity theft, child safety, and prescription drug abuse, as well as in-depth evaluations of residential and commercial properties designed to alert residents and owners of potential security vulnerabilities.

If you are interested in any of these services, contact your local precinct and ask to speak to the crime prevention officer.

Public Awareness Safety Lectures are provided by crime prevention officers to increase awareness of various public safety concerns. People who are well-informed about preventive measures and tips are less likely to become victims. Officers lecture on a variety of subjects, including: identity theft, personal safety tips, child safety, internet safety, burglary/robbery prevention, anti-bullying, and prescription drug abuse.

Security Surveys are provided free of charge by precinct crime prevention officers to alert homeowners and renters to any security vulnerabilities associated with their homes, and to suggest corrective actions. Officers evaluate locks, doors, lighting, windows, landscaping, and alarm systems. In-depth security evaluations may be requested for various locations, including private houses, apartments, schools, building complexes, and houses of worship.