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Community Food Connection (CTC)

Become a Community Food Connection (CFC) Provider

CFC provides funding to more than 500 soup kitchens and food pantries citywide. To join our providers network, please call 929-221-7679.


Visit A sign up form is listed on the homepage under "Contact Us".

Forms and Lists


An organization requesting an application for Community Food Connection membership must meet the following criteria at the time of the request:

  • Applicant organization must have a food pantry/soup kitchen in operation for at least four (4) months prior to submitting an application.
  • Applicant organization must have IRS verification of their Employer Identification Number and Tax Exempt  Status [501(c)(3)].
  • Applicant soup kitchen must have a Permit from the NYC Department of Health.
  • Applicant organization must have consistent days and hours of operation.
  • Applicant organization must distribute food to the general public.
  • Applicant organization must have a viable means of accounting for the number of people served.
  • Applicant organization must store, prepare and distribute food in a secured manner in order to insure food safety and integrity.
  • Applicant organization cannot store, prepare or distribute food from a private home or apartment.