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Vendor Integrity

The Vendor Integrity Program permits the City to enter into or continue contracts with companies that might otherwise be precluded from doing business with the City because of identified integrity issues. Under the Vendor Integrity Program, companies with integrity issues may be awarded City contracts if they agree to a monitor that reports to DOI and if they take other steps to ensure they have the requisite business integrity. DOI hires companies with relevant expertise, called Integrity Monitors, to assist DOI. Click here to find out more about DOI’s Integrity Monitor Program. These monitors report directly to DOI and DOI investigators supplement the monitors by joining them on field site visits, audits, and investigations. The Vendor Integrity Program also proactively oversees integrity issues on certain large-scale City projects to ensure tax dollars are not being stolen or wasted, including monitorships over the recovery programs put in place after Hurricane Sandy - the Rapid Repairs and Build It Back Programs - where monitors' investigations with DOI resulted in savings of approximately $40 million in taxpayer funds. This Unit is also monitoring the implementation of the Emergency Communications Transformation Program (ECTP), the City’s program that supports and facilitates uniformed emergency communication services among the Police and Fire Departments.

Vendor Integrity Program Reports