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Squad 3

Squad 3 oversees City agencies involved in the construction industry, including the City Department of Buildings (DOB), and agencies involved in affordable housing and planning, including the City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) and the Department of City Planning (DCP). Squad 3 investigates corruption vulnerabilities that can lead to compromised safety on construction projects and holds accountable those contractors who violate the safety and construction rules, including working with the Manhattan District Attorney's Office on the investigation, prosecution and conviction of defendants in the East Village fatal gas explosion; arresting City workers for taking bribes to look the other way on City construction code violations and arresting those individuals who offer bribes and gratuities to City inspectors, as in this case that DOI was alerted to by a DOB Inspector. Squad 3 also investigates prevailing wage violations that result in the theft of workers’ wages on municipal projects and seeks to return those wages to those employees. In addition, this Squad investigates affordable housing fraud such as this case that resulted in charges of conspiring to receive bribes and forge documents to corrupt the process by which Mitchell-Lama apartments in Coney Island were acquired. 



Squad 3 Reports