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Integrity Monitor Program

In 1996, DOI created its Integrity Monitoring program, also known as the Independent Private Sector Inspector General (IPSIG) program, which establishes a method to permit the City to enter into or continue contracts with companies that might otherwise be precluded from doing business with the City due to integrity issues. Under the Integrity Monitor program, these companies may be awarded City contracts if they agree to be monitored by an outside, independent monitor that reports to DOI, and to take other steps to ensure they have the requisite business integrity. For example, companies may be required to adopt and implement a Code of Ethics, an ethics training program for employees, and to submit periodic certifications to DOI concerning the business responsibility of the company and its subcontractors.

Integrity monitors are an individual or entity with legal, auditing, investigative, and other skills, designated by the City to help the City monitor the activity of specified City vendors as well as help the vendors reform their business practices so they can be considered for City contracts in the future, or continue with a contract in progress. In addition to monitoring specific companies, DOI has also appointed integrity monitors to help the City oversee integrity issues on important City projects.

Since the program began, a number of integrity monitors have been assigned to companies with integrity-related issues that want to do business with the City. In addition to the company monitorships, DOI engages in proactive monitorships for vendors working on City projects to prevent or reduce fraud, waste and abuse – particularly on large scale construction projects. For example, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection’s Rapid Repairs Program (“RRP”) was an emergency initiative implemented after Hurricane Sandy on October 29, 2012 which caused substantial damage citywide. RRP provided basic needs to NYC residents affected by the storm including heat, hot water, and electricity. DOI implemented a monitoring program for RRP to oversee repairs by contractors at over 13,000 residential units. Overall, the monitoring performed by the IPSIGs resulted in a cost savings of approximately $30 million in potential waste and mismanagement.  In addition, DOI is currently monitoring the Housing Recovery Office’s Build It Back Program, phase two of the Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts to rehabilitate or rebuild approximately 20,000 residences for resiliency. Other recent integrity monitor assignments involve companies that provide services in the fields of plumbing, electrical, security, computer, consulting, and general construction.

If you are interested in providing integrity monitoring services to DOI, you are encouraged to submit an Expression of Interest form, which can be downloaded below. Applications are accepted on a continual basis. You may also call DOI’s Vendor Integrity Unit at (212) 825-5918 for more information.
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