Basic Brochures

CCRB’s basic brochure tells you what to do when you’ve experienced or witnessed police misconduct. This reader-friendly pamphlet details the agency’s jurisdiction, the many ways of filing a complaint and how complaints are resolved.

Street Encounters

This 4-page pocket size card gives information and tips that can help you in the event that you are stopped and frisked by police.

Guide to Mediation

This 8-page booklet explains the CCRB’s mediation program, which gives people the option of having their complaints resolved without a lengthy investigation. The booklet details every aspect of a mediation session and how mediation gives people the satisfaction of telling a police officer how his or her conduct affected them.

For the LGBTQ Community

Sexual orientation or perceived orientation, gender identity or gender expression, and race are not legitimate reasons for a police officer to stop, frisk or search you.

This postcard explains what police actions are permissible during street encounters and how to file a police misconduct complaint.