Resources at the CCRB

Civilian Assistance Unit: 

The Civilian Assistance Unit (CAU) helps individuals navigate the investigation process after filing a CCRB complaint. As the City strives to create a system where all New Yorkers have access to the support they need, the CAU provides a free and confidential program that pairs civilians with advocates who use a trauma-informed and victim-centered approach to help civilians connect with city resources in a meaningful way.

The CAU is staffed by victims’ advocates, licensed social workers, and trauma services professionals who serve to empower and support civilians that are direct victims and/or witnesses in CCRB complaints who may have experienced trauma following a police encounter. CAU staff members act as an important point of contact to connect vulnerable populations with needed social and psychological support services. CAU staff provide comprehensive case management services, assist individuals with navigating the CCRB processes, and connect civilians to City-wide services.

You can ask at any time during a CCRB investigation to connect with the CAU and an advocate. Your investigator can send a referral to the CAU and an advocate will reach out to you within a few days.