NeON Summer


2021 | 2020

2022 Programming:

During the summer of 2022, more than 2,000 young adults on probation and from communities across NYC engaged in dynamic work, learning, and extracurricular opportunities. During the summer months, when rates of community violence tend to spike and learning loss impacts countless young people, the Department of Probation offered a suite of interactive opportunities to promote neighborhood beautification, job readiness skill-building, creativity, physical activity, tech literacy, and income-generating activities. Learn more about some of these summer initiatives below.

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NeON Arts - Summer Workshops — NeON Arts engaged young people in free art programs throughout New York City, building skills and expanding opportunities for creative expression. Opportunities included DJing, coding, beat-making, theatre, mural arts, podcasting, and more!

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NeON Photography - Summer Session — Summer photography participants met weekly for introductory photography classes. Training was designed to introduce these emerging photographers to the elements and history of photography, as well as a range of technical skills, and the art of visual storytelling. Those who completed the 6 week session were able to become certified NeON photographers and have their work exhibited in a gallery show.

In addition to the summer session, NeON Photography also celebrated a gallery opening in July at the YEMA Gallery. The show featured 70 photographs by the most recent cohort of NeON Photography graduates. The event also included a photo booth provided by one of the NeON Photography graduates. View photos from the event here

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NeON Sportsâ„  — NeON Sports serves as a pivotal tool when it comes to reducing violence in New York City communities. During the summer, NeON Sports offered a range of activities across NYC, including football, basketball, fishing, and boxing. In these groups, recreation and teambuilding exercises were used to engage clients as well as community members and create safe and welcoming spaces for mediation and conflict resolution.

Made in NY Animation Project

Made in NY Animation Project - Career and Creative Engagement Program — TAP is a non-profit therapeutic workforce development program designed to unlock the professional and creative door for NYC youth to enter the animation industry. This summer, young New Yorkers took part in virtual software training and career readiness programming in animation for 6 weeks. Participants received 12 hours per week of training with the goals of engagement, connection, creative exploration, education, career development, and networking.

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NeON Works - Summer Internships — Summer interns with NeON Works took part in professional development training and future planning while building their work experience and technical skills through a series of hands-on activities. Internship opportunities include food handler certification, financial literacy training, neighborhood event staffing, job shadowing with local businesses and non-profits, multimedia production, and more. View compilation videos of NeON Works Summer here.