The Arches program connects young adults on probation to mentors with similar life experience in their own neighborhoods. This transformative mentoring program focuses on high-risk young people age 16 to 24 who struggle to overcome the thinking patterns and behaviors that led them to probation.



Changing the Thought Process

The thought processes that may have led to violence or crime in the past can stand in the way of finding a job, finishing school or peacefully resolving conflict today. To counter this harmful thinking, group sessions run in a family-style atmosphere follow an evidenceā€based curriculum that relies on cognitive behavioral principles aimed at self-reflection and changing behavior.



Credible Messengers

Arches mentors are “credible messengers.” Because they often come from similar backgrounds to our clients, they can connect to our young adults and their families in ways others can’t. Mentors facilitate group sessions and are available for intensive support, advice, and guidance outside of the group settings.



Positive Youth Development

Arches is grounded in positive youth development, an approach that emphasizes reaching young adults in their own neighborhoods and building on their strengths. Knowing that each client is different, Arches meets these young people “where they are” on the path to pro-social engagement with others.



Our Arches Partners

We partner with many organizations to match our clients with mentors in their own neighborhoods.


Client working on a poster board collage
Participant preparing for an event.