NeON Stakeholder Groups

The purpose of the NeONsm Stakeholder Group (NSG) is to provide guidance, support and leadership for the NeON’s work to achieve community safety and successful outcomes for people on probation. NeON Stakeholder Groups are made up of individuals from local businesses, community and faith-based organizations, residents, probation staff, people on probation, and additional community leaders who live or work within the seven communities in which NeONs are located.

NeON Stakeholder Groups play a key role in determining NeON programming. All artists and arts organizations who are awarded NeON Arts grants will be selected by NeON stakeholder groups from the NeON(s) to which they apply. Stakeholder Groups are also able to design community events and special initiatives, engage in neighborhood outreach, and serve as ambassadors and the voice for NeONs in the community.

What are the Benefits of being a NeON Community Stakeholder?

  • Community Impact - You will make an impact in your community and contribute to unity in your community.
  • You will experience the satisfaction of making a difference in the lives of others.
  • You will receive great training and a great leadership experience.
  • You will build skills that can enhance your career.
  • You will be recognized as a community leader by the NYC Mayor’s Office and NYC Probation Commissioner.

How Do I Get Involved?

NeON Stakeholder Opportunities

For Current Stakeholders:

The Neon Arts Stakeholder Request Form is designed for stakeholder Co-chairs to request items and or resources to further engage stakeholder group members.