NeON Photography

Visit to Park Avenue Pianos Steinway Piano Factory in Yonkers NY

With several music triumphs in hand, the NeoN photographers were inspired to take a behind the scenes tour of the factory where Park Avenue Pianos restores its Steinway Grand Pianos. In December 2018, a group of NeON participants traveled to Yonkers, NY to see the restorations in process. They were accompanied by Park Avenue Pianos President Ronen Segev, and NeON photography Director Chelsea Davis. The first piano the group photographed was an 1870 Steinway Model D Concert Grand with historic details, such as an ornamented music desk and one-of-a-kind Steinway lyre. The participants photographed the action parts of the Steinway Pianos, including the hammers, shanks, flanges, and wippens, and learned how the thousands of action parts come together to make music. The next piano that the photographers captures was a unique and Historic Used Chippendale Style Steinway Model S Grand Piano. The photographers took a keen interest in the soundboard of the piano (also known as the instrument’s belly), and were fascinated with the mechanics behind great music making.

Park Avenue Pianos intends to engage NeON for subsequent piano shoots and professional event photography.

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