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Strategic Blueprint

As the City’s leading construction management agency, DDC builds infrastructure and public buildings for more than 20 sponsoring City agencies, plus numerous non-profits that receive funding from the City. First released in January 2019, A Strategic Blueprint for Construction Excellence is DDC’s comprehensive plan to improve capital project delivery for the City of New York. The Strategic Blueprint lays out our plans to deliver projects faster and within budget through effective partnership with our sponsors, consultants, and contractors.

Progress Update

Since the initial release of the plan, DDC has continually updated stakeholders and the public on progress related to the goals in the Strategic Blueprint, including time and cost savings on public projects. In 2024, we released a progress update that details the changes we have recently made to our own practices, as well as the agency’s ongoing partnerships and advocacy goals. The progress update summarizes measurable improvements toward DDC's overarching goal to plan, design, and build better for the City of New York.

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Download the Progress Update here

2024: Advocating for Reforms

DDC faces the urgent task of upgrading our city’s aging infrastructure and serving New Yorkers with extraordinary public facilities, yet outdated tools and requirements make it notoriously slow and expensive to build public works. We are advocating for key reforms in Albany to get critical facilities into the hands of their communities faster, while saving taxpayer dollars.

Reauthorization of the Joint Bid statute to avoid delays on infrastructure projects

Delivering underground infrastructure, including water mains and sewers, requires coordinating with the utility companies whose electric, gas, and communications lines run beneath the street. With Joint Bidding, the City bids public work and utility work under one contract, improving efficiency and avoiding extensive pitfalls. First authorized in 2004, Joint Bidding saves years on DDC public infrastructure projects. The existing authorization sunsets in 2024, and it needs to be reauthorized for effective delivery of essential public infrastructure in NYC.

Expanding our toolbox of project delivery methods

City agencies have long been limited to using traditional low-bid contracting methods under most circumstances. In 2020, the Public Works Investment Act (PWIA) transformed project delivery for DDC and other capital agencies by authorizing two-step design-build, in which a single contract is awarded through best-value selection to an integrated design and construction team.

DDC completed our first design-build project in 22 months from the time of award—3 years faster than with traditional design-bid-build delivery. Our design-build pilot program includes over $500 million already awarded on significant community facilities, with more in the pipeline. DDC needs a full toolbox of project delivery approaches so we can always use the best tool for the job. DDC seeks authorization for Construction Manager-Build (CM-Build or CMGC), Construction Manager-At-Risk (CMAR), and Progressive Design-Build.

DDC authority – reconstitute DDC as a new state authority

Creating a State authority would eliminate many of the administrative constraints that slow down projects, allowing DDC to deliver vital public buildings and infrastructure more efficiently for NYC. A DDC Authority would speed projects by streamlining procurement, removing duplicative rules, and reducing certain oversight steps. It would modernize how City government manages capital projects and use proven tools to deliver projects faster and more cost-effectively.

Progress Updates: Strategic Blueprint

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