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Strategic Blueprint

As the City’s leading construction management agency, DDC builds infrastructure and public buildings for more than 20 sponsoring City agencies, plus numerous non-profits that receive funding from the City. First released in January 2019, A Strategic Blueprint for Construction Excellence is DDC’s comprehensive plan to improve capital project delivery for the City of New York. The Strategic Blueprint lays out our plans to deliver projects faster and within budget through effective partnership with our sponsors, consultants, and contractors. Since the initial release of the plan, DDC has continually updated stakeholders and the public on progress related to the goals in the Strategic Blueprint, including time and cost savings on public projects.

Blueprint 2022

Blueprint 2022 summarizes DDC’s continued commitment and ambitious new goals to maximize public investments. Our overarching goal is to plan, design, and build better for the City of New York. The agency’s focus areas are expanding project delivery methods, transforming the City’s capital delivery process, strengthening industry partnerships, expanding opportunities for M/WBEs, and empowering our agency’s professionals.

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Blueprint 2022: Focus Areas

Expand Our Toolbox of Project Delivery Methods

Alternative project delivery tools, which fundamentally change the relationships between DDC, our designers, and our builders, hold tremendous potential to foster collaboration, speed projects, and reduce costs. As part of our agenda for capital process reform, DDC is advocating to extend and expand our toolbox of alternative delivery methods. This expansion will ensure we can always use the best tool for the job, using quality-based selection methods to partner from the outset with the city’s most qualified designers and builders.

Transform the City’s Capital Delivery Process

DDC’s projects are subject to layers of approval and oversight that were originally designed to protect the public interest. However, these measures have often become redundant with our own business practices, while adding months to delivery timelines. Today, technology enables new and effective methods to ensure transparency and accountability. As part of our capital process reform agenda, we seek to partner with our oversights to simplify the way the City budgets, procures, and permits capital projects.

Four images of DDC projects

Clockwise from top left: DSNY Staten Island Districts 1 & 3 Garage; Brooklyn Children’s Museum; Jamaica Avenue infrastructure improvements; and Starlight Park Phase 2

Strengthen Industry Partnerships and Expand Opportunities for M/WBEs

DDC is embracing partnership as an operating principle and taking concrete steps to become a better business partner. We are sharing opportunities, building industry capacity to win and excel on City contracts, and listening closely to our consultants, contractors, and M/WBE firms to continuously improve our business practices. By strengthening our partnerships with the industry, our goal is to position DDC — and the City — as an owner of choice. As DDC rolls out the City’s largest resiliency projects and meets aggressive sustainability targets for buildings, our partnerships will also build the City’s green workforce.

Build, Support, and Empower Our Team

DDC’s professionals drive our success and ensure all aspects of the project’s lifecycle are managed effectively, working hard every day to deliver projects of critical importance to the public. To deliver our increasingly complex portfolio of public work while meeting rigorous project schedules, our staff must have the tools they need to move projects forward. We are working to equip and empower our team for success.

One of the waiting areas at the Brooklyn COVID Center of Excellence

The COVID-19 Center of Excellence in Brooklyn

DDC 2020: The Strategic Blueprint During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Making use of emergency authorization that allowed for changes to procurement and construction management methods, DDC delivered for New York City during the COVID-19 crisis. DDC quickly and efficiently managed construction for 2 field hospitals, 4 laboratories, 28 testing sites, 8 mobile testing trucks, and 3 large community clinics. DDC’s COVID response efforts set new standards for fast procurement and use of innovative, collaborative delivery tools to design and complete projects in record time. Download DDC 2020.

Progress Updates: Strategic Blueprint

Download DDC 2020: Delivering Innovation in a Challenging Year.

Download the March 2020 Strategic Blueprint Progress Update.

Download the July 2019 Strategic Blueprint Progress Update.

Download the Full Strategic Blueprint.