Materials and Equipment Acceptance (MEA) Index

Last Updated: February 20, 2009

The Department will continue to recognize previously-issued MEA and BSA product approvals, as per section 28-113.2.6 of the administrative code. Furthermore, previously-issued approvals must comply with all relevant Code sections, Rules, Bulletins and other regulations.

MEA Resolutions (reports of accepted MEA products referenced by MEA Number valid as of July 1, 2008), can be obtained via the published MEA Index and the online MEA Index and MEA Report databases.

The online MEA Index is a partial database of previously issued MEA Resolutions listed by Major Category. A complete set of the published MEA Index through 2003, including listings by MEA Number, Manufacturer and Subject, may be obtained from the New York CityStore.


Car Lifts
52-00-E Edison Parking Corporation
167-00-E Klaus Auto-Parksysteme GmbH
168-00-E Klaus Auto-Parksysteme GmbH
185-00-E Automated Parking Systems
186-00-E Automated Parking Systems
260-03-E SpaceMaker Manufacturing
241-04-E Car Stacker International, Inc.
393-05-E Tada Auto Parking Company
581-06-E Harding Steel Inc.
586-06-E Lennox Hearth Products
96-07-E Tada Auto Parking Company
416-07-E Edison Parking Corporation
427-07-E Harding Steel, Inc.
179-08-E Autoquip Corporation
180-08-E Autoquip Corporation
Ceiling Systems
85-05-M BPB America Inc.
225-05-M USG Interiors Inc.
226-05-M USG Interiors Inc.
227-05-M USG Interiors Inc.
227-05-M Vol. 2 USG Interiors Inc.
324-06-M Lindner AG
222-07-M Lindner AG
335-07-M Pinta Acoustic Inc.
Cement Portland - Type I
29-07-M Lafarge
227-94-M Vol. 4 The Schebler Company
218-97-M Vol. 2 Industrial Chimney Company Inc.
28-00-M Simpson Dura-Vent
78-00-E Meal-Fab, Inc.
183-02-M Vol. 2 Copperfield Chimney Supply, Inc.
64-04-E Van Packer Co. Inc.
495-04-M Cheminee Lining E Inc.
31-05-M ProTech Systems Inc.
68-05-M Hart & Cooley, Inc.
419-06-E Spark Modern Fires
419-06-E Vol. 2 Spark Modern Fires
423-06-E Selkirk Canada Corporation
425-06-E Gaylord Industries
428-06-E Gaylord Industries
429-06-E Selkirk Canada Corporation
520-06-E Canadian Heating Products Inc.
523-06-E Louisville Tin and Stove Co.
524-06-E Lennox Hearth Products
542-06-E Rinnai New Zealand Ltd.
566-06-E FireOrb LLC
585-06-E Lennox Hearth Products
587-06-E Lennox Hearth Products
588-06-E Lennox Hearth Products
625-06-E Canadian Heating Products Inc.
55-07-E Pacific Energy Fireplace Hearth Products Ltd.
67-07-E Hearth & Home Technologies
108-07-E Johnson Gas Appliance Co.
234-07-E FPI Fireplace Products International Ltd.
240-07-E FPI Fireplace Products International Ltd.
238-07-E FPI Fireplace Products International Ltd.
315-07-E Lennox Hearth Products
331-07-E Eiklor Flames Inc.
375-07-E Sellkirk Canada Corp.
377-07-E Lennox Hearth Products
378-07-E Lennox Hearth Products
31-08-M Olympia Chimney Supply
142-08-M Simpson Dura-Vent
178-08-E FPI Fireplace Products Int'l. Ltd.
Cooking Appliances, Commercial Hotel and Restaurant
171-98-E Vol. 2  Henny Penny Corporation
231-98-E Vol. 3 Frymaster Corporation
39-99-E Vol. 3 Frymaster LLC
39-99-E Vol. 4 Frymaster LLC
40-99-E Vol 3 Frymaster LLC
27-00-E Mondial Forni Benini, Verona Italy for Mimax, Inc.
51-00-E Lincoln Foodservice Products, Inc.
56-00-E Stainless Incorporated
64-00-E Pitco Frialator
65-00-E Pitco Frialator
79-00-E Royalton Foodservice Equipment Company
114-00-E Royalton Foodservice Equipment Company
126-00-E Belshaw Bros., Inc.
163-00-E Frymaster L.I.C,
164-00-E Southbend, A Middleby Company
247-00-E Thermal Engineering Corporation
258-00-E Grande Cuisine Of America
259-00-E Grande Cuisine Of America
277-00-E Hobart Food Equipment Group
278-00-E Hobart Food Equipment Group
349-00-E McDonald Restaurant Repair Service for Franke AG Aarburg, Switzerland
381-00-E Wood Stone Corporation
384-00-E Electrolux Professional for Electrolux Zanussi Professional
436-00-E Cookshack Inc.
19-02-E Gunkol Gunes Enerjest
50-02-E C. Cretors & Company
51-02-E C. Cretors & Company
108-02-E Lancer FBD
119-02-E Wolf Range Company
149-02-E QBD Modular System Inc.
26-03-E Hussman Corporation
39-03-E Anetsberger Brothers Inc.
102-03-E Vulcan-Hart Co.
107-03-E Criosanc S.P.A.
119-03-E Inducs AG, Balnhotstrasse
145-03-E Revent Incorporated
145-03-E Vol. 2 Revent Incorporated
197-03-E Bakers Pride Oven Company
198-03-E Bakers Pride Oven Company
263-03-E Briceno Food Machinery Inc.
265-03-E Wolfe Range Company
292-03-E Nu-Vu Food Service Systems
297-03-M Gunderlin Ltd.
314-03-E Electrolux Professional S.P.A.
315-03-E Electrolux Professional S.P.A.
316-03-E Electrolux Professional S.P.A.
317-03-E Electrolux Professional S.P.A.
318-03-E Electrolux Professional S.P.A.
320-03-E Restaurant Technologies Inc.
373-03-E Criosbanc S.P.A.
395-03-E Tom Chandley Ltd.
5-04-E Groen/ A Dover Corporation
30-04-E Electrolux Professional S.P.A.
42-04-E Heat Control Inc.
43-04-E Nor-lake Inc.
44-04-E Electrolux Professional S.A.S
45-04-E Electrolux Professional S.A.S
59-04-E Wells Manufacturing
63-04-E Woodstone Corporation
68-04-E The Connerton Company
69-04-E The Connerton Company
70-04-E The Connerton Company
73-04-E The Middleby, Marshall Corporation
106-04-E Ugolini S.P.A
208-04-E The Hobart Bakery System/ITW Food Equipment Group
215-04-E Ecoflam S.P.A.
280-04-E PCM - Professional Catering Machinery S.P.A.
423-04-E Vol. 2 Wood Stone Corporation
507-04-E Barker Co.
30-05-E Giles Enterprises Inc.
45-05-E Rational Cooking System, Inc.
114-05-E Taylor Company
115-05-E Wolf Electric, Inc.
165-05-E Roaster Tech
168-05-E Weber Stephen Products Company
188-05-E Falcon Foodservice Equipment for AGA Foodservice
211-05-E Bakers Pride Oven Co.
223-05-E A.A. International Trading Inc.
282-05-E Winston Products Co.
429-05-E Hobart Bakery Systems/Baxter Mfg.
430-05-E Hobart Bakery Systems/Baxter Mfg.
117-06-E Cleveland Range LLC
128-06-E Cleveland Range LLC
238-06-E Hobart
252-06-E Therma-Tek Range Corp.
295-06-E Wood Stone Corporation
301-06-E Wells Manufacturing
308-06-E Bravo Systems International Inc.
386-06-E Taylor Company
410-06-E Roaster Tech
437-06-E Aerco International, Inc.
440-06-E Cleveland Range, LLC
441-06-E Cleveland Range, LLC
495-06-E Electrolux Professional AG
538-06-E Wood Stone Corporation
506-06-E Anvil America Inc.
564-06-E Wonton Food Inc.
44-07-E Kinco Food Service Equipment
45-07-E Frymaster,LLC
52-07-E Ultrafryer Systems Inc.
57-07-E Nieco Corporation
59-07-E Frymaster, LLC
60-07-E Frymaster, LLC
61-07-E Frymaster, LLC
62-07-E Frymaster, LLC
63-07-E Frymaster, LLC
64-07-E Grindmaster Corporation
95-07-E Henny Penny Corp.
107-07-E Electrolux Professional S.p.A
110-07-E Henny Penny Corp.
111-07-E The Middleby Corporation
112-07-E The Middleby Corporation
113-07-E The Middleby Corporation
144-07-E Garland Commercial Ranges Limited
145-07-E Cleveland Range Ltd.
207-07-E Magikitch'n Inc
209-07-E Pitco Frialator, Inc.
254-07-E Intermetro Industries Corp
255-07-E InterMetro Industries Corp
330-07-E Henny Penny Corporation
347-07-E Thermal Engineering Corporation
404-07-E InterMetro Industries Corp
427-07-E ELOMA GmbH for Eloma
428-07-E ELOMA GmbH for Eloma
433-07-E Eagle Group Inc.
17-08-E WONTON Food Inc.
27-08-E Frymaster L.L.C.
28-08-E Frymaster L.L.C.
110-08-E The Chippery Chip Factory Inc.
111-08-E Franke Foodservice Systems
112-08-E Therma-Tek Range Corp.
186-08-E Unified Brands, Inc.
187-08-E Market Forge Industries, Inc.
284-04-M PAT America Inc.
285-04-M PAT America Inc.
110-05-E Load Systems International Inc.
Dampers, Fire and Smoke
260-91-M Greenheck Fan Corporation
119-00-M Nailor Industries Inc.
79-03-M NCA Manufacturing Ltd
366-03-M Nailor Industries Inc.
18-05-M Aire Technologies Inc.
252-05-E Air Louver & Damper Inc.
216-06-E Elliot Energy Systems
197-07-M Belimo Aircontrols (USA), Inc.
372-07-M Perfect Air Control Inc.
Distributed Generation Equipment 
193-05 E Capstone Turbine Corporation
193-05 E Vol.2 Capstone Turbine Corporation
216-06-E Elliott Energy Systems, Inc.
77-08-E FuelCell Energy Inc.
Door Handles
14-01-E Vol. 2 DORMA
306-87-E Vol. 2 American Dryer Corporation
122-88-E Vol. 8 Alliance Laundry Systems LLC
123-88-E Vol. 8 Alliance Laundry Systems LLC
42-98-E Vol. 4 Alliance Laundry Systems LLC
43-98-E Vol. 3 Alliance Laundry Systems LLC
44-98-E Vol. 3 Alliance Laundry Systems LLC
399-99-E Vol. 3 Alliance Laundry Systems LLC
400-99-E Vol. 3 Alliance Laundry Systems LLC
53-00-E Pellerin Milnor Corporation
71-00-E American Dryer Corporation
72-00-E American Dryer Corporation
142-00-E Haier Merloni Washing Machine Company
57-03-E Whirlpool Corporation
221-03-E Wade Ceramics Incorporated
239-03-E Dectron Inc.
287-06-E American Dryer Company
66-08-E Whirlpool Corporation
67-08-E Whirlpool Corporation
117-08-E Whirlpool Corporation
118-08-E Whirlpool Corporation
Dry Cleaning Machine
29-00-E RENZACCI SpA, Via R.Morandi 13
325-01-E Vol. 2 Union SPA
97-02-E Realstar SRL
15-03-E Bergparma
35-03-E Sovrana S.R.L.
163-02-E Union SPA
458-04-E G. Marks Hardware Inc.
460-04-E G. Marks Hardware Inc.
579-06-E Satec USA, LLC
227-07-M Inspec Foams, Inc.
74-08-M Air Quality Innovative Solutions
Electrical or Electromagnetic Power Locks for Doors
57-00-E Sentrol Inc.
165-00-E Hanchett Entry Systems, Inc.
166-00-E Hanchett Entry Systems, Inc.
188-00-E E. Com Technologies Corp.
130-03-E Antar-Com, Inc.
458-04-E G. Marks Hardware Inc.
460-04-E G. Marks Hardware Inc.
439-90-M Vol. 2 National Elevator Cab & Door Corp.
439-90-M Vol. 3 National Elevator Cab & Door Corp.
239-00-M Hollister-Whitney Elevator Corporation
260-00-M G.A.L. Manufacturing Corp
261-00-M G.A.L. Manufacturing Corp
262-00-M G.A.L. Manufacturing Corp
364-00-E Vertisis, Inc.
399-00-M Concord Elevator Inc.
283-01-M Vol. 2 Thyssenkrupp Elevator Manufacturing
367-02-M Vol. 2  Inclinator Company f America
31-03-M Hydronic Lift S.p.A.
58-03-M Wittur Inc.
64-03-E Tyler Elevator Products
135-03-M Vol. 2 Thyssenkrupp Elevator Manufacturing
297-03-M Gunderlin Ltd.
410-03-M Draka Elevator Products Inc.
12-04-M CEC Elevator Cab Corporation
34-04-M Federal Elevator Systems Inc.
38-04-M H M Tech Inc.
80-05-M BKG Bunse
575-06-M Conquest AccessAbility Inc.
629-06-M Vol. 2 Zzipco LLC
228-07-M Dupont Metal Manufacturing Co. Inc.
304-07-M Dural Door Company
54-08-M Oleo Buffers (Shanghai)
Exit Signs (Phosphorescent Only)
285-00-M Wilkins Regulators Division
Exterior Wall
419-00-M Cemplank, Inc.
17-03-M Insulspan (Foam Products Corporation)
18-03-M Advantage Building & Exterior Inc.
325-03-M Prodema, S.A.
381-06-M Rieder Fasebeton-Elemente GMGH
216-07-M Intermat Inc.