Materials and Equipment Acceptance (MEA) Index

Last Updated: September 5, 2008

The Department will continue to recognize previously-issued MEA and BSA product approvals, as per section 28-113.2.6 of the administrative code. Furthermore, previously-issued approvals must comply with all relevant Code sections, Rules, Bulletins and other regulations.

MEA Resolutions (reports of accepted MEA products referenced by MEA Number valid as of July 1, 2008), can be obtained via the published MEA Index and the online MEA Index and MEA Report databases.

The online MEA Index is a partial database of previously issued MEA Resolutions listed by Major Category. A complete set of the published MEA Index through 2003, including listings by MEA Number, Manufacturer and Subject, may be obtained from the New York CityStore.


Backflow Prevention Devices
144-83-M Vol. 2 Watts Regulator Company
417-87-M Vol. 5 Conbraco Industries, Inc.
172-88-M Vol. 2 Watts Regulator Company
323-93-M Vol. 2 Flomatic Corporation
115-96-E Primus
115-96-M Vol. 4 Primus
147-99-M Vol. 4 Wilkins Regulators Division
401-99-E Vol. 3 Alliance Laundry Systems LLC
26-00-M Wilkins Regulators Division
26-00-M Vol. 2 Wilkins Regulators Division
284-00-M Wilkins Regulators Division
285-00-M Wilkins Regulators Division
170-02-M Vol. 2 Wilkins Regulators Division
56-03-M Conbraco Industries
66-03-E Ames Company
68-03-E Waterpik Technologies, Inc.
66-04-E Alliance Laundry System LLC
140-04-M Watts Regulator Company
221-04-M Vol. 2 Wilkins Regulators Division
222-04-M Vol. 2 Wilkins Regulators Division
450-04-M Conbronco Industries, Inc.
451-04-M Conbraco Industries, Inc.
536-06-M Watts Regulator
536-06-M Vol. 2 Watts Regulator
381-07-M Wilkins Regulators, Zurn Company
383-07-M Wilkins Regulators, Zurn Company
35-08-E Whirlpool Corporation
81-08-E Whirlpool Corporation
195-08-M Conbraco Industries, Inc.
196-08-M Conbraco Industries, Inc.
43-76-E Vol. 3 PB Heat LLC
4-80-E Vol. 3 Burnham Commercial
4-83-E Vol. 2 Clayton Industries
176-85-E Vol. 2 PB Heat LLC
446-87-E Vol. 3 PB Heat LLC
231-88-E Vol. 5 Burnham, V8H Series
205-89-E Vol. 3 ECR International Ltd.
275-93-E Vol. 2 Cleaver-Brooks, Inc.
382-91-E Vol. 2 BBT North America Corporation
404-92-E Vol. 2 Aerco International
79-93-E Vol. 4 Cleaver Brooks
172-94-E Vol. 4 PB Heat LLC
182-94-E Vol. 2 PB Heat LLC
184-94-E Vol. 3 PB Heat LLC
194-94-E Vol. 3 PB Heat LLC
83-95-E Vol. 2 Bryan Steam Corporation
86-95-E Vol. 2 Bryan Steam Corporation
91-95-E Vol. 3 PB
59-96-E Vol. 5 Easco Boiler Corp
234-97-E Vol. 3 PB Heat LLC
104-98-E Vol. 2 AERCO International
104-98-E Vol. 3 AERCO International
200-98-E Vol. 2 Crown Boiler Company
245-98-E Vol. 3 Thermal Solutions LLC
6-00-E Vol. 2 PB Heat LLC
106-00-E Laars Heating Systems Company
106-00-E Vol. 3 Laars Heating Systems Company, A Subsidiary of Bradford White Corporation
155-00-M Weil-McLain
203-00-E Patterson-Kelley Company
206-00-E Baxi S.p.A.
206-00-E Vol. 2 Baxi S.p.A.
282-00-E Vol. 3 Gasmaster Industries Inc.
411-00-E Weil-McLain
412-00-E Weil-McLain
413-00-E Weil-McLain
414-00-E Weil-McLain
23-01-E Vol. 2 New York Boiler Co. Inc.
314-01-E Triad Boiler Systems, Inc.
272-02-E Vol. 3 NY Thermal Inc.
285-02-E Vol. 4 AESYS Technologies, LLC
357-02-E Weil-McLain
357-02-E Vol. 3 Weil-McLain
419-02-E Vol. 3 PB Heat LLC
62-03-E Thermo-Dynamics Boilers Company
68-03-E Waterpik Technologies
74-03-E DE Dietrich/Macna
75-03-E DE Dietrich/Macna
76-03-E DE Dietrich/Macna
77-03-E DE Dietrich/Macna
78-03-E DE Dietrich/Macna
136-03-E Vol. 2 Laars Heating Systems Co
136-03-E Vol. 3 Laars Heating Systems Co
227-03-E Vol. 7 System Sensor, A Div of Honeywell Int'l
234-03-E Sussman Automatic Corporation
238-03-E Riverside Hydronics
308-03-E Easco Boiler Corp
374-03-E PB Heat LLC
400-03-E CCI Thermal Technologies
50-04-E Quincy Hydronic Technology Inc.
93-04-E Camus Hydronics Limited
93-04-E Vol. 2 Camus Hydronics Limited
130-04-E Slant Fin Corporation
163-04-E Advanced Thermal Hydronics
261-04-E Vol. 2 Camus Hydronics Limited
272-04-E BBT North America Corporation
444-04-E Buderus Hydronic System
506-04-E Vol.2 Raypak Inc.
15-05-E Cleaver-Brooks
16-05-E Triangle Tube
16-05-E Vol. 2 Triangle Tube
16-05-E Vol. 3 Triangle Tube
33-05-E P.M. Lattner Mfg. Company
52-05-E Sussman-Automatic Corporation
54-05-E U.S. Boiler Co. Inc.
79-05-E Patterson-Kelley Co (HARSCO)
79-05-E Vol. 2 Patterson-Kelley Co (HARSCO)
137-05-E Carlin Combustion Technology Inc.
138-05-E Cleaver Brooks
138-05-E Vol. 2 Cleaver Brooks
171-05-E Crown Boiler Co.
172-05-E Crown Boiler Co.
174-05-E Lochinvar Corp
175-05-E Lochinvar Corp
176-05-E Lochinvar Corp
177-05-E Lochinvar Corp
178-05-E US Boiler Company, Inc.
178-05-E Vol. 2 US Boiler Company, Inc.
229-05-E Buderus Hydronic Systems
301-05-E Fulton Boiler Works, Inc.
301-05-E Vol. 2 Fulton Boiler Works, Inc.
314-05-E Weil-McLain
314-05-E Vol. 2 Weil-McLain
323-05-E Lochinvar Corp
324-05-E Lochinvar Corp
339-05-E Rheem Manufacturing Co.
351-05-E Baxi S.p.A.
402-05-E RBI Water Heaters
404-05-E Raypack Inc.
437-05-E Cleaver Brooks
444-05-E Advanced Thermal Hydronics
457-05-E NY Thermal Inc.
458-05-E Smith Cast Iron Boilers
460-05-M NY Thermal, Inc.
4-06-E Crown Boiler Company
4-06-E Vol. 2 U.S. Boiler Co.
4-06-E Vol. 3 Crown Boiler Company
5-06-E U.S. Boiler Co Inc.
21-06-E Fulton Thermal Corp.
22-06-E Fulton Thermal Corp.
23-06-E Laars Heating Systems Company
182-06-E Laars Heating Systems Company
184-06-E Smith Cast Iron Boilers
185-06-E Smith Cast Iron Boilers
239-06-E Baxi S.P.A. for Laars Heating Systems Company
296-06-E P.M. Lattner Mfg. Company
330-06-E PVI Industries LLC
339-06-E ECR International, Inc.
340-06-E PVI Industries LLC
417-06-E Raypak, Inc.
613-06-E BBT North America Corporation, Bosch Group
20-07-E Nortiz Corporation
32-07-E RBI Water Heaters
43-07-E Heat Wise Inc.
76-07-E US Boiler Company Inc.
77-07-E Burnham Commercial
77-07-E Vol. 3 Burnham Commercial
77-07-E Vol. 4 Burnham Commercial
103-07-E Riverside Hydronics, LLC
134-07-E Fulton Thermal Corp.
134-07-E Vol. 2 Fulton Thermal Corp.
141-07-E Riverside Hydronics, LLC
146-07-E Lochinvar Corp.
148-07-E Viessmann Mfg. Co., Inc.
150-07-E A.O. Smith Water Products
182-07-E BIASI S.p.A
193-07-E Slant/Fin Corporation
193-07-E Vol. 2 Slant/Fin Corporation
207-07-E Riverside Hydronics, LLC
264-07-E Ferroli Group S.p.A.
290-07-E P.B. Heat LLC
294-07-E Crown Boiler Company
308-07-E BBT North America Corporation
309-07-E Pacific Steam Equipment Inc.
350-07-E Lochinvar Corporation
357-07-E Remeha V.v., Kannal Zuid 110
362-07-E Lochinvar Corporation
415-07-E Slant/Fin Corporation
2-08-E Camus Hydronics Limited
26-08-E Baxi S.p.A.
29-08-E Lochinvar Corporation
46-08-E Cleaver-Brooks Inc.
47-08-E Cleaver-Brooks Inc.
119-08-E ECR International
125-08-E Burnham Commercial
134-08-E NY Thermal, Inc.
135-08-E NY Thermal, Inc.
249-85-E Vol. 4 John Zink Co., LLC
371-00-E R.W. Beckett Corporation
276-03-E Max Weishaupt GmbH
334-03-E Heatwise Inc.
375-03-E Power Flame, Inc.
382-03-E Heatwise Inc.
105-04-E Midco International, Inc.
107-04-E Wayne Combustion Systems
286-04-E Wayne Combustion Systems
64-05-E R.W. Beckett Corp.
134-05-E Midco International, Inc.
368-05-E R. W. Beckett Corp.
330-06-E PVI Industries LLC
433-06-E Heat Wise, Inc.
434-06-E Heat Wise, Inc.
482-06-E Carlin Combustion Technology, Inc.
578-06-E Industrial Combustion, Inc.
326-07-E Industrial Combustion
6-08-E Webster Engineering & Mfg. Co. LLC
167-08-E Midco International, Inc.