Materials and Equipment Acceptance (MEA) Index

Last Updated: October 24, 2008

The Department will continue to recognize previously-issued MEA and BSA product approvals, as per section 28-113.2.6 of the administrative code. Furthermore, previously-issued approvals must comply with all relevant Code sections, Rules, Bulletins and other regulations.

MEA Resolutions (reports of accepted MEA products referenced by MEA Number valid as of July 1, 2008), can be obtained via the published MEA Index and the online MEA Index and MEA Report databases.

The online MEA Index is a partial database of previously issued MEA Resolutions listed by Major Category. A complete set of the published MEA Index through 2003, including listings by MEA Number, Manufacturer and Subject, may be obtained from the New York CityStore.



Refrigerator Systems, Freezers and Accessories

161-85-E Vol. 3

The Delfield Company

235-87-E Vol. 6 Nor-Lake, Inc.
235-87-E Vol. 7 Nor-Lake, Inc.
415-91-E Vol. 2 Desert Aire Coporation
26-95-E Vol. 2 National Refrigeration & A/C Prod. Inc.
75-00-E Tecumseh Products Co.
76-00-E Tecumseh Products Co.
77-00-E Tecumseh Products Co.
227-00-M Eskimo Panels, Inc.
365-00-E Structural Concept Corporation
450-00-E Barker Company, Ltd.
66-01-E Vol. 2 Franke Foodservice Systems Inc.
48-02-E Krack Corporation
49-02-E Krack Corporation
115-02-E Heatcraft Refrigeration Products
116-02-E Hill Phoenix
117-02-E Hill Phoenix
155-02-E QBD Modular System Inc.
21-03-E Manitowoc Ice Inc.
22-03-E Manitowoc Ice Inc.
25-03-E Hussman Corporation
69-03-E Krack Corporation
70-03-E Krack Corporation
71-03-E Krack Corporation
313-03-E Electrolux Professional S.P.A.

Electrolux Professional S.P.A Refrigeration Platform

75-04-E Kool-Air Inc.
434-04-E Vol. 2 Electrolux professional S.P.A.
436-04-E Vol. 2 Electrolux professional S.P.A.
436-04-E Vol. 3 Electrolux Professional S.P.A.
136-05-E Nor-Lake, Inc.
143-05-E Refrigerated Design Texas Inc.
146-05-E Liebert Corporation
215-05-M Jalite USA - Jalite AAA Rigid PVC
216-05-M Jalite USA - Jalite AAA High Luminance Flexible PVC
217-05-M Jalite USA - Jalite JLUME Ultra High Luminance Rigid PVC
218-05-M Brady Corporation - Self-adhesive photoluminescent signs and tape - B-523
218-05-M Vol. 2 Brady Corporation - Photoluminescent Exit Path Markings - B-523
218-05-M Vol. 3 Brady Corporation - UV Rated Photoluminescent Self - Sticking Exit Path Marking Signs and tape - B-523
219-05-M Way2Glo - InfiniGlo Photoluminescent signs
233-05-M Brady Corporation -Self - adhesive aluminum photoluminscent signs - B-552
233-05-M Vol. 2 Brady Corporation - Photoluminescent aluminum exit path marking signs - B-552 - UV rated
331-05-E National Refrigeration and A/C Canada, Corp.
372-05-E Refrigeration Kool-Air
447-05-E Electrolux Professional S.PA.
217-06-E Electrolux Professional S.p.A.
353-06-E Electrolux Home Products
354-06-E Electrolux Home Products
462-06-E Perlick Corporation
463-06-E Perlick Corporation
501-06-E Perlick Corporation
528-06-E Euro'Cryor SpA
529-06-E Euro'Cryor SpA
576-06-E Electrolux Professional S.P.A.
49-07-E Marlo Mfg. Co., Inc.
50-07-E Marlo Mfg. Co., Inc.
58-07-E C. Nelson Mfg. Co.
84-07-E Electrolux  Professional
93-07-E Mitsubishi Electric A/C & Refrigeration System Works
336-07-E The Delfield Company
337-07-E The Delfield Company
361-07-E Nor-Lake, Inc.

Roofing Material

66-97-M Vol. 2 Unity Creations, Ltd./Unity Surfacing Systems
18-00-M GAF Materials Corporation
80-00-M Zappone Manufacturing
156-00-M MetalWorks LC
156-00-M Vol. 3 Tamko Building Products, Inc.
365-03-M Firestone Building Products Co.
383-03-M Carlisle SynTec Incorporated
384-03-M Carlisle SynTec Incorporated
385-03-M Carlisle SynTec Incorporated
385-03-M Carlisle SynTec Incorporated
386-03-M Carlisle SynTec Incorporated
387-03-M Carlisle SynTec Incorporated
388-03-M Carlisle SynTec Incorporated
389-03-M Carlisle SynTec Incorporated
390-03-M Carlisle SynTec Incorporated
391-03-M Versico Incorporated
392-03-M Versico Incorporated
36-05-M Bulldog Lines Inc.
215-06-M Performance Roof Systems Inc.
313-06-M Applied Liquid Technologies LLC
338-06-M Soprema Inc.
430-06-M Soprema Inc.
431-06-M Soprema Inc.
432-06-M Soprema Inc.
627-06-M Sof Surfaces, Inc.


336-03-E Highland Tank and Manufacturing Company, Bigbee Steel and Tank Division
426-00-S Convault Inc.

Thermal/ Acoustical Insulating Material

209-82-M Vol. 3  Thermafiber, Inc.
209-82-M Vol. 4 Thermafiber, Inc.
210-82-M Vol 2 Thermafiber, Inc.
186-86-M Vol. 5 K- Flex USA LLC
333-88-M Vol. 2 Monoglass, Inc.
343-89-M Vol. 2 Applegate Holdings, LLC
66-97-M, Vol. 2 Unity Creations Ltd / Unity Surfacing Systems
331-97-M, Vol. 2 Roxul Inc.
238-00-M Mueller Industries, Inc.
317-00-M Alusuisse Composites, Inc. (Formerly Alucobond Technologies, Inc.)
32-03-M Johns Manville
60-03-M Johnsmanville
116-03-M Reward Wall System
233-03-M Izocam - Johnstone
306-03-M Owens Corning
307-03-M Owens Corning
338-03-M Fibrex Insulation Inc.
360-03-M Johns Manville
171-04-M Aeroflex USA Inc.
273-04-M Logix Insulate Concrete Forms Ltd.
71-05-M Quad-Lock Building Systems Ltd.
181-05-M Niagara Belco Ltd.

TABS Wall System LLC.


Roxul, Incorporated


Roxul, Incorporated

250-05-M Superson Ltd
266-05-M Benchmark Architectural Systems Inc.
316-05-M ECO-Block, LLC
330-05-M Centria
415-05-M SoundSense LLC
214-06-M Allushield Composite Corporation
247-06-M Benchmark Architectural Systems, Inc.

Eternit (Schwiez) AG

561-06-M Nichiha USA, Inc.
574-06-M OEG Building Material
603-06-M Dae Myung Hwa Sung Company Ltd.
612-06-M Alply LLC
618-06-M Owens Corning Sales, Inc.
633-06-M Phil-Insul Coproation

Alply, LLC


Thin Stone System LLC

293-07-M Buildblock Building Systems, LLC
367-07-M Goldstar Building Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.
397-07-M Dansk Eternit Holding A/S
398-07-M Euro Panels Overseas N.V.
399-07-M Euro Panels Overseas N.V.
400-07-M Euro Panels Overseas N.V.
401-07-M Dansk Eternit Holding A/S
21-08-M Innovative Energy, Inc.
183-08-M CSR (Guangdong) Rockwool Company, Ltd.
201-08-M Airlite Plastics Company

Trim / Combustible Exterior

604-06-E Perlick Corporation

Valve (Gas)

98-02-E IMT Armaturen

Wheelchair Lifts

391-00-E Torontex Corporation


8-98-E ONSI Corporation
260-05-E Plug Power, Inc.