The Department will continue to recognize previously-issued MEA and BSA product approvals, as per section 28-113.2.6 of the administrative code. Furthermore, previously-issued approvals must comply with all relevant Code sections, Rules, Bulletins and other regulations.

MEA Resolutions (reports of accepted MEA products referenced by MEA Number valid as of July 1, 2008), can be obtained via the published MEA Index and the online MEA Index and MEA Report databases.

The online MEA Index is a partial database of previously issued MEA Resolutions listed by Major Category. A complete set of the published MEA Index through 2003, including listings by MEA Number, Manufacturer and Subject, may be obtained from the New York CityStore.


Below is the list of the MEA Index. Click on each catergory below to view the list of approved equipments.

  1. Adhesives
  2. Air Conditioning Equipment
  3. Air Supported Structures/ Flex Signs
  4. Backflow Prevention Devices
  5. Boilers
  6. Burners
  7. Car Lifts
  8. Ceiling Systems
  9. Cement Portland - Type I
  10. Chimneys
  11. Cooking Appliances, Commercial Hotel and Restaurant
  12. Cranes
  13. Dampers, Fire and Smoke
  14. Distributed Generation Equipment
  15. Door Handles
  16. Dryers
  17. Dry Cleaning Machine
  18. Duct
  19. Electrical or Electromagnetic Power Locks for Doors
  20. Elevator
  21. Exit Signs (Phosphorescent Only)
  22. Exterior Wall
  23. Filters
  24. Fire Alarm Equipment
  25. Fire Doors
  26. Fireplaces
  27. Fire Protection
  28. Fire Window Assemblies
  29. Fire Suppression Equipment
  30. Flexible Water Connectors
  31. Floor Covering/Systems
  32. Furnaces
  33. Gas Connectors
  34. Grease Ducts- Non Fire Rated
  35. Grease Traps - Kitchen
  36. Heaters
  37. Hoist, Personnel & Materials
  38. Ice Makers
  39. Interior Finish
  40. Laminated Lumber & Wooden I Beams
  41. Logs, Gas
  42. Lumber, Plywood
  43. Medical Gas Dispensing Units & Alarms
  44. Microturbines / Engine Generators
  45. Oil / Water Separator
  46. Paint & Bake Car Spray Booth
  47. Photoluminescent Exit Path Markings
  48. Pipefitting Covers & Jacketing
  49. Plastic, Slow Burning
  50. Refrigerator Systems, Freezers and Accessories
  51. Roofing Material
  52. Tank
  53. Thermal/ Acoustical Insulating Material
  54. Trim / Combustible Exterior
  55. Valve (Gas)
  56. Wheelchair Lifts
  57. Windows