Environmental Protection/Transportation/Sanitation

The Environment Protection/Transportation/Sanitation Committee reviews environmental and transportation issues that affect the quality of life in the district including, but not limited to, items, such as solid waste management and curbside rain gardens, environmental quality and control issues as well as clean-up and remediation efforts. The Committee also routinely reviews matters related to improving transportation safety, such as studies, programs, and services connected to the use and condition of local streets, sidewalks and highways. This includes infrastructure projects, as well.

As it relates to sanitation, the Committee reviews and monitors the delivery of sanitation services, such as street sweeping, garbage collection, and illegal dumping. The Committee works closely with community groups to share information and assist in the implementation of new city sanitation efforts, such as the expansion of the curbside organics collection program (composting) and arranging regular events for e-waste collection.

Meets: the third of fourth Monday of the month as needed. Please check the board's calendar or contact the district office to confirm the next committee meeting date and time. Note this committee meets jointly with the Parks and Recreation Committee.

Major Traffic Corridors and Throughways

  • Broadway
  • Bushwick Avenue
  • Central Avenue
  • Evergreen Avenue
  • Irving Avenue
  • Knickerbocker Avenue
  • Myrtle Avenue
  • Wilson Avenue
  • Wyckoff Avenue

Community Resources

NYC Streets Permits Management System
Brooklyn Curbside Composting