Collection Services for NYC Residents

We are committed to keeping New York City streets clean, safe, and healthy. Every day, we provide free collection of 24 million pounds of recyclables, trash, and compostable material.

Setout Times

On April 1, 2023, a new rule went into effect to reduce the time that trash, recycling, and curbside composting sits out on the curb.

Residential buildings of any size (single-family and multi-unit) have two options:

  • Place waste out after 6:00 PM in a bin of 55 gallons or less with a secure lid, or
  • Place waste out after 8:00 PM, if putting bags directly on the curb

To ensure collection, all waste must be set out by midnight.

Bins should be stored inside or in alleyways, courtyards, or other outdoor areas away from public sidewalks. If space is not available, you may store bins within three feet of your building. Containers must be kept neat and allow for pedestrian travel. Enclosures on the sidewalk are subject to NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.

Beginning fall 2024, residential buildings with 1-9 units will be required to set out all trash in bins with secure lids at the curb for collection. Learn more about residential waste containerization.

Missed Collection

You can report that your trash, recycling, or compost was not picked up starting at 8:00 AM the day after your collection day.

You CANNOT report missed collection if:

  • Collections were suspended on that day due to a DSNY holiday, winter snow operation, or another event
  • You did not set your waste out correctly
  • You set your waste out on the wrong day or at the wrong time.

To report missed collection, call 311 or submit a complaint online.


We do not collect waste on most federal holidays. Learn more about holiday collection.

Snow and Severe Weather

Collections schedule may be delayed or suspended due to snowstorms or other severe weather. If collection was suspended due to a snow or weather event, missed collection complaints will not be accepted for that day.

Track the progress of DSNY snow removal vehicles with PlowNYC.

Private Carter Service

We collect from most residential buildings in NYC. There are some exceptions, including:

  • Buildings where owners have opted to use private carter service
  • Buildings still under development and without a certificate of occupancy
  • Buildings in areas that are undergoing zoning changes

NOTE: Even if your residential property has private carter collection, you are required to follow the NYC commercial trash, recycling, and composting rules.

Learn more about hiring a private carter.